7 Tips for Writing the Ultimate Military Cover Letter

Do you know that 53 percent of employers prefer applicants who submit a cover letter while applying for a job?


Most times a cover letter catches the attention of recruiters and gets you an interview. It may even place you on top of the whole screening process when the final decision is down to a few applicants.

With such kind of pressure, writing a cover letter can be difficult especially if you are coming from a military background.

As a military veteran, you possess the traits and training most employers are seeking. But you need to understand how to stand out from the crowd.

Specifically, a well-crafted military cover letter will be of help to you.

Thus, if you're trying to apply for a job in a civilian work ecosystem, keep reading. You will learn 7 tips to writing the ultimate military cover letter.

The Transition from a Military View to a Civilian's

Since you have made a transition from the military to being a civilian, you need to start viewing yourself from the civilian's perspective.

It will be wise to assess what you are offering a civilian establishment, before writing a cover letter.

For instance, what experience, training, and abilities you gained in the military can be of help to the company in question?

Ensure you take the time to write down these traits. Make use of civilian terms more than military phrases.

Group your attributes into leadership experience, goal-setting skills, and technical abilities among others. Ensure you also take a good look at the job description for the position you desire. Then you can match up the job qualifications with your experience.

The 7 Tips you need to write the Ultimate Military Cover Letter

If you want to win the job of your dreams, you need to implement the 7 tips listed below. So read on.

Avoid Using a Boilerplate Cover Letter

When you write your cover letters, you have to avoid using a boilerplate cover letter. The best thing to do is customize and personalize your cover letter in a way that it is particular to you.

If you are applying for several jobs, the same rule applies. You have to personalize each of the letters. This is because the cover letter will address the individual you intend to reach and it increases your chances of getting the individual to take action.

Look For a Direct Contact

When you are writing a military cover letter, it is important to take time and learn about the individual in charge of hiring and what is important to them. This contributes to helping you get the attention of the individual.

To get his/her information, you could use the company website to find out the name of the hiring manager. You can also use LinkedIn, search on Twitter or Google.

If all this doesn't work, you can email or call the company to inquire about the hiring manager or reach out to anybody working in the company that may be able to help you.

If all this fails, then the best option would be to address your letter to the "Hiring Team"

Get the Attention of the Reader

This is a vital part of your military writing. This is because it determines if your cover letter would end up in the recycle bin or the desktop of the hiring manager, which will later proceed to earn you an acceptance letter.

To achieve this, your write-up has to pull the attention of the HR.

You can do this with ease by writing about what impresses you specifically about the organization you are writing to. Or, you can have fun and write something thoughtful, memorable, and applicable to the job you are applying for.

This method helps your cover letter and name stick strongly to the HR unknowingly.

Explain What You Will Deliver

Once you have the attention of the reader, it is time to include what you can offer them and the company.

It's best to go straight to what exactly you can deliver to the company without "beating around the bush". You can do this by using bullet points. About four or three bullet points should do.

Each bullet point should highlight the outcomes you will produce from solving the problems of the company.

For example, instead of stating that you sold $10,000 worth of products, it is better to state that you will use your previous experience to triple sales of the company's products in the next one year.

Add Some Personality

Depending on your style of writing, writing strengths, the company you are applying to, and the position you are applying for, it would be best to keep your writing in a conversational tone and add some personality to it.

Don't Babble and Avoid Clich?s

To write the ultimate military cover, you have to avoid cliches like "your proven track record." This is what the bandwagon is doing. To stand out, you have to use alternative phrases and terms that reflect more on your personality and input to the company you are applying to.

Include a Call to Action

Before concluding your military cover letter, it is important to include a call to action. A call to action tells the reader what you want them to do and what you are going to do as well.

When you are writing your call to action, ensure you include a way through which the reader can connect with you in case they are interested in hiring you.

Wrapping Up

Let the interested company know how you can be a solution to their existing challenges. You can do this by painting a picture for them, to see how your military skills can be valuable in their civilian workforce.

Don't forget to always speak in civilian terms when writing your military cover letter. Also, place your current contact details at the end of the letter.

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