Disabled Veteran News and Articles 3.27.17

pleads guilty in massive disability scheme

Huntington Herald Dispatch-Federal prosecutors claimed
Conn raked in millions of dollars by paying a doctor and a judge to
rubber-stamp false disability claims using ...

States Are Trying to End the Disability Unemployment Crisis

Truth-Out-Data in the newly released 2016 Disability Statistics
Compendium are highlighting a pernicious, and complex, disparity for the disability ...

rules for filing disability claims go into effect Monday

KXAN.com-Until now, that rule required the SSA to give
significant weight to a doctor's report that would support someone's claims for disability.
The rule ...

Of Health Care Bill Leaves Medicaid Unscathed

Disability Scoop-“This is absolutely a win for people
with disabilities,” said Julia Bascom, executive director of the Autistic
Self Advocacy Network, after learning ...

of learning-disabled students bolstered by high court

Santa Fe New Mexican-WASHINGTON — A unanimous Supreme
Court has bolstered the rights of millions of learning-disabled students
in a ruling that requires public ...

Learning Opens Up New Ways to Help Disabled People

MIT Technology Review-Software that can understand
images, sounds, and language is being used to help people with disabilities
such as deafness and autism in new ...

Ask a Career Coach: How Do I Brag About My Work Without Being

The Daily Muse / by
Kyle Lee-If you're working hard but your boss isn't aware of it, it's probably
time to start bragging about your achievements (without sounding like a jerk).

Center Disability@TCDS_UT

A Short History of The Disability Rights Movement,
1960-Present meriahnichols.com/the-disability…


Are you a younger individual beginning your first job?
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission developed... fb.me/1g982E8ap

Center Disability@TCDS_UT

How University Professors React to Requests for
Disability Accommodations crippledscholar.wordpress.com/2015/07/12/the…

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Your body language speaks as loudly as your words.... fb.me/8mniIChfe


Disabled Veteran News and Articles 3.20.17

Court Nominee’s Rulings on ADA, IDEA Have Advocates Worried

As the U.S. Senate begins confirmation hearings for
President Donald Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court, concerns are being raised
over his judicial record on cases affecting those with disabilities.

Orleans disability pride fest part of a growing trend

Albuquerque Journal-NEW ORLEANS — New Orleans' newest
festival, the Disability Pride Festival , grew from a comment on the
internet suggesting that it's easy to ...

matches culture with disability awareness

Daily Comet-"When we started our vocational
rehabilitation program, we were looking for a way to really talk about disability awareness,
but in a culturally ...

'Skinny Budget' Sows Uncertainty For Disability Programs

Disability Scoop-“Given that people with disabilities rely
on non-defense discretionary programs much more than defense, homeland security
and veterans ...

Rubio Joins Conservatives to Reform Social Security ...

Sunshine State News-U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., joined
with two Senate conservatives on Wednesday to back a proposal reforming Social
Security disability ...

May Be Detectable In Blood

Disability Scoop-New research suggests that blood samples
could one day be used to identify whether or not a child has autism.
(Thinkstock). Facebook Twitter ...

Disabled fear
Medicaid cuts will diminish their independence

Philly.com-In every state, Medicaid now covers at least
some home- and community-based services for the disabled, including health
aides, adaptive ...

This The Secret To Getting A Job Interview?

Refinery29-While the debate rages on about whether or not cover
letters are dead, unsuspecting job seekers everywhere are still being
asked for them

Self-Confidence is Everything

Branding Blog – Stand Out In Your Career
 / by Debra Benton. Penguins
in Antarctica are described by scientists who have studied them for 23 years as
undaunted, without self doubt, and with a good attitude. That’s my definition
of confidence. Once somebody’s got …

Sesame Street’ Bringing Muppet With Autism To TV

 / by Yvonne Villarreal, Los Angeles Times/TNS-After being
introduced online more than a year ago, Sesame Street's first character with
autism is set to make her television debut.

Health NIMH@NIMHgov

Not everyone with #PTSD has been through a
dangerous event. What are the risk factors, signs, & symptoms of PTSD? bit.ly/2iuOzz0

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Are you using LinkedIn to its full potential? Find job
listings posted by top countries from across the nation: ow.ly/E7yP30a04p5

Disabled Veteran News and Articles 3.13.17

US Disability Programs
Need a Work Requirement

Bloomberg-The U.S. faces a social and fiscal crisis:
Millions of Americans of prime working age do not have jobs, while the cost of
federal disability ...

'Trumpcare' places autism, disability coverage in jeopardy

ABC News-In 2013, Medicaid served approximately 250,000
children with autism, according to the editorial, titled "Care for Autism
and Other Disabilities ...

Disability Advocates
Warn Against Overturning Education Rules

Disability Scoop-Many disability advocates
oppose a resolution under consideration in Congress that would do away with
education regulations finalized last ...

Disability advocates
cheer education rulemaking amendment

Concord Monitor-Disability rights advocates are
breathing easier after lawmakers substantially changed the language in a bill
they had initially worried could be ...

National Disability Month

Huffington Post-March is National Disability Month.
As we take this time to recognize our co-workers, classmates, neighbors and
family members who are ...

Outage, Ed Department Wants Feedback On IDEA Site

Disability Scoop-The request comes just weeks after the
site housing information about the Individuals with Disabilities Education
Act was restored following an ...

Teacher Preparation Failing Students With Disabilities?

Disability Scoop-Most kids with disabilities spend
the majority of their days in general education classrooms, but many teacher
training programs offer little ...

My Team Reviews 1,000,000 Resumes a Year and These Are the
People Who Stand Out

The Daily Muse / by
Sjoerd Gehring-Take it from someone who reviews 1 million resumes a year: Using
creativity to stand out as a job applicant is a good thing, so long as you do
it right.



People With Learning Disabilities Should NOT Work For Less Than The Minimum

Disabled World -Getting
the disabled to work for less than UK minimum wage, surfaced again recently,
this time during Rosa Monckton's article for The Spectator

Fight for disability services

The Spokesman-Review

- Over many decades, Congress has created and funded
effective federal programs that are critical to ensuring that people with
intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) can live and
participate fully in their community: Medicaid, the Affordable ...



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It's #BrainWeek! Find out how different parts of the
brain communicate & work with each other: bit.ly/2hoL1MN

Ctr. for PTSD@VA_PTSD_Info

Watch our whiteboard videos on PTSD-related topics:ptsd.va.gov/public/materia…

Disabled Veteran News and Articles on Employment the Week of 3.6.17

How Your State Ranks In Employment Among Workers with ...

Fortune-Pennsylvania, where jobs for people with disabilities is
a key part of the state's workforce development strategies, had 13,187 disabled ...

with autism, intellectual disabilities fight bias in transplants

Washington Post-Beyond some restrictions imposed by laws
such as the Americans With Disabilities Act, the doctors, nurses,
psychologists and social workers at ...

marks 30th anniversary of Developmental Disabilities Month

UPMatters.com-LANSING – To promote greater awareness and
inclusion of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities,
Governor Rick Snyder has ...

Stunning Photos Shatter Misconceptions About Disabilities

Huffington Post-“Just because a person has a disability does
not mean that they do not have dreams and hopes for the future,” Hughes said.
“Many people with ...

7 Women Have The Jobs You Want—Here’s How You Can Get Them!

Glassdoor Blog-Have
you ever looked at a successful woman and thought, I want to be her or I’d kill
for her job? While we can’t help you swap places or put you into your dream
job, we did the next best thing: We went to…

Researchers Identify Possible Autism Biomarker

Disability Scoop / by
Shaun Heasley-For the second time in less than a month, researchers are
reporting a potential breakthrough in their ability to spot autism signs in
children who are less than a year old.

Zona Roberts: 'grandmother' of the disabilityrights

/ The Mercury News
 -The Mercury News Zona Roberts: 'grandmother' of
the disabilityrights movement The Mercury News Why you want to know her:
Zona Roberts set the stage for her son Ed Roberts to become the “father” of the disability rights
movement by being his first champion.


What is early psychosis? Download our free tip sheets on how
to recognize early #psychosis: here nami.org/earlypsychosis


The Joys of Changing Your Perspective psychcentral.com/blog/archives/… #psychology #mhsm #mhsm#mentalhealth


News and Articles on Disability and Employment for Disabled Veterans the Week of 2.27.17

with disabilities: The new diversity frontier

Crain's Chicago Business-Photo by Forefront Marca Bristo,
founder of Access Living, spoke at a February Forefront panel on making disabilities part
of the diversity ...

Depression Largest Cause of Disability Worldwide

Voice of America-“If you look at the prevalence of
different disorders around the world and you look at the disability that
is associated with them - if you combine ...

much has changed': Actress Marlee Matlin on Hollywood's ...

Washington Post-Even though this year's winner — Casey
Affleck for “Manchester by the Sea” — doesn't have a physical disability,
his character is clearly beset ...

Essential Job Functions is Critical in Employment ...

Huffington Post-Under the Americans with Disabilities Act
(ADA) of 1990, an employer of 15 or more employees must not discriminate
against an otherwise ...

therapy: Innovative approach to help disability, neurological ...

Daily Democrat-Music therapist Erin Haley talks about
music therapy during an interview Feb. 2 at the Wright Keys Academy of Musical
Arts in Chico.

Students: 5 Things That Are Wrong With Your Cover Letter

NPR-It's that time of year: We're hiring an intern for
NPR Ed! It's a great opportunity to hone your journalism chops and get a taste
of what it's like in ...

Reveals Perfect Cover Letter And It's Not Like The Ones You ...

Elite Daily-However, as we all know, you need a kickass cover
letter before you can ... totally missing the mark when we've been writing
our cover letters, ...

Two Essential Elements Of A Great Cover Letter

Forbes-Cover letters are painful to write, so it's
easy to underestimate their importance. But recruiters have little information
to go on when they choose ...

Serious Mistakes Everyone Makes In Their Cover Letters

LifeHacker India-You cover letter is so
important that it will be one of the very few documents the recruiter will go
through before deciding to hire you or not.

I really need a cover letter? Plus more common resume questions

NOLA.com-Dear Sam: I think I have a pretty good resume,
but I have no idea where to start when writing a cover letter. Is it
necessary to submit a cover ...