LAB - Histologic Technician - HT (PRN) at Blanchard Valley Regional Health Center

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Location: Findlay, Ohio

Job Description:


The purpose of the Histologic Technician is to process and prepare tissue specimens from surgery and other patient service areas. The HT prepares tissue blocks and slides with accurate patient identifying information for evaluation by Pathologists. The Histologic Technician must continually use judgment gained from practice and experience to adjust technique for proficient execution of the manual skills of embedding, microtomy, and staining. Technical competency is needed in applying both skill and learned judgment in the performance of manual histology. Slides prepared by the HT include: standard H & E staining, special histochemical staining, and immunohistochemical staining. The HT must demonstrate recognition and knowledge of tissue specimens and dissection techniques to execute correct embedding orientation. The HT must demonstrate proficient mastery of microtomy technique and assists the Pathologist in frozen section preparation. Other duties include:

  • Maintains equipment and documentation
  • Maintains quality control records
  • Requests supply procurement
  • Prepares working reagents
  • Participates in the preparation of technical procedures and offers technical consultation as appropriate
  • Maintains histology work and storage areas for a clean and orderly environment.


Duty 1: Performs all duties deemed necessary by the Pathologist or laboratory management. Completed assignments reflect average rating or better quality of work. Works at a suitable pace. Can adjust as workload increases. Maintains organization of the work despite frequent interruptions. Maintains clean, neat, professional appearance. Wears I.D. badge and complies with departmental dress codes.

Duty 2: Properly processes incoming specimens maintaining accuracy of all demographic information for registration and submission into Meditech. Maintains specimen integrity during cassette production and specimen labeling.

Duty 3: Properly labels all patient tissue samples as well as maintains accurate transcription of patient identifiers to slide. Correctly labels slides verifying patient identifiers.

Duty 4: Prepares stains according to the needs and requests of the Pathologists and accurately prepares and maintains reagents needed to produce high quality slides.

Duty 5: Applies appropriate technical judgment in the selection and execution of tissue processing including using judgment as to the depth of tissue section to provide representative sections and to the accuracy and correct orientation of tissue samples while embedding.

Duty 6: Maintains quality control and equipment maintenance records.

Duty 7: Has knowledge of all special histochemical and immunohistochemical staining techniques. Is able to apply technical judgment for appropriate course of action required for troubleshooting and correction.

Duty 8: Regularly demonstrates knowledge of job duties and departmental function. Seeks continuing education necessary to maintain knowledge of developing technology in the area. Attends conferences, workshops and/or completes relevant continuing education. Is an active participant in laboratory meetings, shows good organizational skills to ensure that patient results are available in a timely manner, uses a systematic approach to all areas of work. Shows willingness to learn new procedures. Prioritizes work correctly to ensure that the quickest response times are met for most areas of the job.

Duty 9: Interacts well with patients, physicians, and other customers. Cooperates with other professionals both inside and outside of the lab. Properly addresses questions to those outside of the laboratory profession. Consistently maintains a cheerful, professional manner. Makes suggestions in a positive, tactful manner.

Duty 10: Utilizes break times appropriately to the staffing and workload. Is punctual and is present when scheduled. Adheres to attendance policy.

Duty 11: Completes all the mandatory learning experiences for the specific job along with assigned lab competency requirements and provide documentation of completion.

Duty 12: Demonstrates sufficient computer skills and literacy to carry out the duties of this position.

Duty 13: Works within, and behaves consistently with the mission, vision, and values of the system.


  • Applicant must have a minimum of a high school diploma or GED equivalent.
  • HT (ASCP) registration or equivalent certification, or willingness to obtain certification from a NAACLS accredited program in Histotechnician (unless "grandfathered" by CLIA 88) is required within 3 years of date of hire.
  • Associate's degree in related field, or willingness to obtain an associate degree in Histotechnology, or related clinical laboratory degree, within 3 years of date of hire.
  • A valid driver's license is required (if you do not have a valid Ohio driver's license you must obtain one within 30 days of your residency in the state). You must also meet BVHS's company fleet policy and insurance company requirements, and any other requirements that may be required to operate a vehicle.
  • Positive service-oriented interpersonal and communication skills required.
  • Individual must be able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care appropriate to the age of the patient served on his/her assigned unit/department. The individual must demonstrate knowledge of the principles of growth and development over the life span and possess the ability to assess data reflective of the patient status. Must be able to interpret the appropriate information needed to identify each patient's requirements relative to their age-specific needs and to provide the care needed as described in the area's policies and procedures.


  • One year (1) experience in a histology laboratory under the supervision of a board certified pathologist
  • Associate degree with specific credit hours in chemistry, biology, anatomy, physiology and histology (unless "grandfathered" by CLIA 88)
  • Member of a professional organization
  • Knowledge of computers, telephone operations and other office equipment. Individual must be customer focused, service oriented and be able to communicate effectively both verbally and in written form.
  • Individual must be able to work independently as well as in a team environment.
  • Individual must be organized, able to prioritize, work in a fast pace environment and have excellent problem solving skills.


This position requires a full range of body motion with intermittent walking, lifting, bending, climbing, squatting, kneeling, sitting and standing. The associate will be required to stand for up to three hours per day and to sit several hours per day. This individual must be able to lift twenty to fifty pounds and reach above the shoulders. The position requires excellent hand-eye coordination, finger dexterity, and attention to fine detail. The associate must have corrected vision and hearing in the normal range. The associate must have excellent verbal and communication skills. This position requires the individual to work at a high rate of speed, remain focused despite distractions, and continually perform duties error free.

This position is classified "at risk" for possible occupational exposure to blood borne pathogens (HBV, HIV, etc.)

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