Math Place Coordinator at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

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Location: Knoxville, Tennessee

Job Description:


Mathematics Department, Student Services Professional, Full-time, Exempt, MR07
Position Summary:The holder of this position will be responsible for overseeing daily operations and activities in the Math Place. Responsibilities include but are not limited to coordinating and providing specialized guidance and expertise for all math tutoring-related functions. This position will supervise a part-time staff member and 50+ undergraduate math tutors. This position will work closely with the Math faculty Advisors regarding math tutoring-related matters and will also work with the main office staff members regarding financial and human resources inquiries, etc.
Supervision and Math Place Management:

    Provide supervision to one part-time staff member and 50+ undergraduate math tutors. Responsible for electronically approving all time entries for the part-time staff member and math tutors. As well as providing assistance to and monitoring of tutors during working hours.Provide the Mathematics Department Financial staff members with information and documentation regarding Math Tutors’ hiring paperwork and budgetary matters.Working together with the Math Faculty Advisors for recruiting, interviewing, and hiring of staff members on a semester basis. Determine how many tutors to hire and what combination of knowledge the tutors need to have in order to provide proper coverage of all courses supported by The Math Place. Hire too few tutors and coverage suffers, hiring too many tutors leads to the tutors not getting enough working hours each. These factors will change each hiring round depending on the needs of The Math Place and the ever-changing and growing needs of the Math Department.Manage The Math Place budget and decide how to allocate funds towards pre- and mid-semester staff/tutor meetings, tutor training, and tutoring hours. Ensure that the total hours worked by tutors stay within the annual budget.Determine the daily operating schedule including which days and what hours to be open. Adjusting the operating hours around holidays and other school closings such as fall and spring breaks.Create a weekly working schedule for the tutors. Management of daily tutor work schedules includes determining the total number of tutors to schedule at any given time and how many tutors for each supported course category that are needed to be fully staffed at all times. Other scheduling factors include items such as, who gets hours based on seniority, tutor’s preferred schedule, and their ideal number of work hours. Schedule needs often change week to week depending on tutor availability, when courses with high enrollment have exams scheduled, and changes to the operating hours for that week.In collaboration with the Math Faculty Advisors, organize mathematical training sessions for the tutors to cover specific mathematical content as needed; and send out bi-weekly/monthly emails to provide guidance on key topics, notes, procedures, and appropriate use of tools or technology.Oversee all logistical aspects of the operation. Coordinate with Hodges Library to decide how many tables, table locations and physical layout of the space Hodges Library provides The Math Place. Determine the supply needs for items such as whiteboards, nametags, tutor shift whiteboard & magnets, table sign holders, and so forth and coordinate with the math department to ensure that those needs are met.Manage campus communications to ensure information is up to date. This includes maintaining email distribution lists and making announcements to the tutors, math department and campus partners. Maintain The Math Place website and signage by updating the content and design in coordination with campus design teams to ensure campus branding standards are adhered to. Create, manage, and maintain physical and electronic “Advertisements” to display in various common buildings around campus such as Student Union, Lobbies of dorms, and Library.Create, manage, and maintain The Math Place website and physical and electronic “Advertisements” to display in various common buildings around campus such as Student Union, lobbies of dorms, and library signage. Updating the content as needed and coordinating with campus design teams to ensure campus branding standards are adhered to.Envision, consider, evaluate, and implement new initiatives as needed to the ever changing and growing needs of the Math Department.

Data Creation and Reporting:
    Create, manage, and maintain a database spreadsheet of tutors' working availability for the scheduling of 50+ math tutors.Create and maintain a database of tutors' hours worked for reporting and tracking purposes.Create, manage, and maintain a database spreadsheet of the student visitation records. Create surveys about the quality of their visit(s) to The Math Place and provide statistics of student visits for annual reporting to be included in the Math Department Newsletter.

    Collaborate with the Math Faculty Advisors to seek guidance to the ever-changing needs of the department and the students including recruiting and scheduling math tutors.Attend weekly departmental staff meetings and meet regularly with the Faculty Advisors.Collaborate with campus partners that are allies with the mission of the Math Place. This would include, but is not limited to, the staff of Hodges Library, the Academic Success Center, First-Year Experience, and the Thornton Athletics Student Life Center.


Required Qualifications:
    Bachelor's Degree and 2 years of experience in education, management, administration, personnel, or related fields.

Skills and Abilities:
    Ability to work in fast paced environment, deal with interruptions, and interact in a professional, courteous manner with the public, students, and colleagues.Ability to independently make logical sound decisions regarding many aspects.Interpersonal skills for effectively communicating with students, faculty, and staff.Ability to multi-task and be able to work as with a collaborative team.

Preferred Qualifications:
    Degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Education, Education Leadership, Higher Education Administration, Human Resources, or related fields. A minimum of 4 years combined experience in any combination of the following:Higher education, student tutoring programs, college student academic support, recruiting, training, and supervising professional and student staff, administrative leadership, assessment, and reporting of programs involving diverse student populations; student retention and academic intervention programs.

Skills and Abilities:
    Experience managing a program by providing direction and collaborating with peers.Knowledge of university policies and procedures.Knowledge in sharing and collaboration in Google Cloud.

For full consideration, interested individuals should provide a cover letter addressing professional experience relevant to each required minimum qualification, a resume, and complete contact information for three professional references.

Job: Student Services

Primary Location: US-Tennessee-knoxville

Organization: Mathematics

Schedule: Full-time

Job Posting: Mar 12, 2024, 1:16:42 PM
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