Batch Plant Operator - Farmersville Ready Mix at Martin Marietta Materials

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Location: Farmersville, Texas

Job Description:

Position Summary

This position reports to the Plant Supervisor/Manager and is responsible for the safe and efficient operation of the batching operation and assist with the scheduling of deliveries.


  • Efficiently operates batching facilities and maintains maximum production levels

  • Operates computer controlled batching system that transfers product from storage bins through weigh bins and into ready-mix trucks

  • Record daily delivery statistics and daily maintenance activities

  • Reads and interpret computer orders to control mix design and to set appropriate slump

  • Uses computer to weigh product being transferred to each truck

  • Visually monitors control boards and computer screens

  • Visually inspect loading trucks to assure proper positioning for delivery of product

  • Prints tickets on computer or writes tickets by hand to be sent via air tube system to driver

  • Visually inspect concrete on as needed basis

  • Files a copy of each ticket

  • Records all daily record keeping and paperwork as required

  • Maintains material inventories and orders materials as needed

  • Inspects silo, weigh hoppers and plant and cleans hoppers as needed

  • Climb stairs/ladders to top of cement mixer to manually add concrete fiber packets as needed

  • Diagnose and assists in trouble-shooting when process is interrupted

  • Demonstrates good understanding of lockout/tagout procedure required during certain procedures

  • Assists with cleanup as needed

  • Assist in training of co-workers as needed

  • Assigns and maintains raw material delivery tickets

  • Supply customers with accurate product and delivery information

  • Accurately report on fuel.

  • Assist Dispatcher in balancing driver hours to assure equity and compliance with D.O.T. requirements

  • Maintain an excellent personal safety record and a clean/safe work environment

  • Performs other duties as required

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Proficient in reading, writing, math and operational logic

  • Have extensive product, customer and equipment knowledge

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Excellent personal safety record

  • Current knowledge of D.O.T. and C.D.L. regulations

  • Able to handle many/varied details in a pressure situation

  • Self-starter with a very high standard of expectation of himself/herself and those with who he/she works

  • Positive attitude toward other employees, customers and supervisors

  • Excellent work ethic - punctuality, accuracy and attendance

  • Possess a valid CDL (a plus)

  • Pass required physical examination and drug screens

Physical Requirements

  • Ability to climb stairs and ladders, reach, squat, tolerate prolonged sitting/standing, balance, bend from trunk, operate mobile equipment, push and pull objects

  • Lift objects of various dimension and weights

  • Ability to operate hand controls with both hands

  • Ability to operate foot controls with both feet

  • Ability to tolerate working outdoors in all environmental temperatures and weather

  • Ability to work in cramped quarters

  • Ability to work in areas with the potential for high noise levels

  • Ability to tolerate working at heights up to 100 feet

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