Group Therapy Coordinator at McLean Hospital(MCL)

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Location: Middleborough, Massachusetts

Job Description:

The incumbent provides a leadership role on the specified inpatient unit, residential and/or partial hospital program for the Group Therapy Program, participating in both direct clinical/group therapy services and administrative duties. They are responsible for creating/maintaining the unit's group schedule(s), monitoring documentation of clients' attendance and participation, and overseeing/supervising other group therapists/leaders facilitating groups on the unit. Additionally, they will provide group therapy training (or recommend staff to appropriate training opportunities when available) for unit staff in need of additional group leadership training.

  • Provides group and/or individual therapy to clients as needed. Interventions should be structured appropriately to the specific clientele being served. Therapist will be responsible for both set-up before and clean up after the group occurs.

  • Works with unit leadership to create a group program that integrates: 1) Psycho-education; 2) Social Interaction; 3) Activities; 4) Community-making groups and includes leadership roles for all clinical disciplines (i.e. psychiatry, psychology, social work, nursing, expressive therapy, peer-support specialists, and mental health specialists). This includes developing and updating the unit's group therapy program schedule that utilizes the skills of all the disciplines to contribute to the clinical care of the clients.

  • Innovate and develop/introduce group programs that are evidence-based and reflective of patients' needs on an inpatient unit.

  • Provides clinical supervision and trains, as needed, clinical Hospital staff in effective group practice and facilitation. This includes supervision/oversight of Nursing Staff, student visitors, volunteers, practicum students, and clinical interns from Master's level graduate clinical training programs (i.e. occupational therapy, expressive therapy, counseling psychology, social work, etc...) in group therapy and related methods.

  • Attends Clinical Team Meetings on a regular basis to inform Team members about patients' group participation and when appropriate, provide consultation to clinical teams and other units based on specific areas of expertise/training.

  • Alerts appropriate staff (e.g. Nurse Director, Medical and/or Clinical Director, Treatment Teams) of emergent clinical issues that occur during group sessions.

  • Monitors group attendance and group leadership assignments for all groups. This includes reviewing staff documentation to ensure inpatient hospital group forms are completing within established time parameters and in accordance with hospital procedures.

  • Follows all established group therapy protocols.

  • Develops and maintains the unit's Group Resources Manual, which details group descriptions, goals, methods, and resources.

  • Develops and maintains the unit's Sensory Room and sensory programming

  • This role performs individual discipline/scope specific evaluations and interventions, as appropriate, as requested by psychiatry

  • Maintains contact with other clinical staff and unit leadership through participation in rounds, staff meetings, multi-disciplinary meetings, treatment planning meetings, and other meetings as necessary.

  • Oversee research/program development initiatives that utilize patient satisfaction scores (Perception of Care and Family Survey), outcomes (BASIS-24 and CMI) to evaluate group efficacy and group clinical leadership. Additionally, they should conduct on a semi-annual basis, "focus groups and feedback sessions" with patients to determine what goes well and what can be improved in terms of patient satisfaction and care.

  • Reports to identified program lead as appropriate for supervision and performance review.

  • Attends, on a monthly basis, Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy Clinical Service Steering Committee meetings and consults with Coordinator of Inpatient Group Therapies/Director of Group Psychotherapy as necessary for consultation/supervision.

  • Recommends, in collaboration with the Nurse Director and Clinical Leadership on the unit, clinical staff to participate in the Excellence in Group Training Program conducted at the hospital.

  • Manages a budget that provides materials to assist in group program needs.

  • This role could be responsible for more than one unit/program, as deemed appropriate by unit/program leadership



• Master's degree or higher from an accredited clinical program required (occupational therapist, expressive therapy, counseling therapy, social work, clinical psychology, educational psychology)

• Requires appropriate licensing to clinical discipline, i.e., OTR/L, LMHC, Social Work, Psychology


• 3-4 years clinical experience with group psychotherapy and leadership responsibilities.

• Active interest in clinical care issues related to inpatient psychiatric treatment.

• Candidates should be organized, timely, and possess good interpersonal skills to effectively communicate within a multi-disciplined team.

• Ability to set and maintain appropriate boundaries.

• Experience with empirically supported/validated group therapy skills (i.e. CBT, ACT, MI, DBT) is preferred.

• Familiarity with hospital/partial-hospital or community-based treatment programs.

• Active interest in clinical care issues related to inpatient psychiatric treatment.

• See departmental competency list if applicable.

• All employees must possess basic computer skills to use a variety of electronic or online systems for communication, clinical and administrative purposes.

• Required to complete electronic medical records training and demonstrate 80% accuracy on competency test within 30 days of hire.

EEO Statement

It is the policy of McLean Hospital to affirmatively provide equal opportunity to all qualified applicants for employment and existing employees without regard to their race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age, ancestry, protected veteran status, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, pregnancy or a condition related to pregnancy including, but not limited to, lactation or the need to express breast milk for a nursing child, or any other basis that would be in violation of any applicable law or regulation.
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