Anesthesiologist at Mass. Eye and Ear Associates (MEA)

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Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Job Description:

The Clinical Lead for Quality and Safety is a multifaceted role that provides oversight and direction to all areas of clinical care within the department of anesthesia for quality and safety, as well as ensures alignment with the Enterprise Quality & Safety Council. This individual oversees quality and safety priorities and metrics to further improve patient outcomes; align policies, procedures, and best practices; and recognize and address safety themes that arise from data sources, practitioner feedback, near-misses, and adverse events.

Responsibilities include the following:

• Collaborate with other Medical Directors to develop and establish departmental policies and processes to meet departmental goals as directed by the Chief of Anesthesia. Strive for efficiency without compromising safety in the clinical area. Ensure that clinical guidelines follow national standards of safety and care for ophthalmology and otolaryngology surgery.

• Provide administrative oversight for clinical policies, guidelines, and protocols within anesthesia in coordination with medical directors and domain experts, ensuring best-practice workflows, up-to-date documentation, and adherence to regulatory requirements.

• Regularly review EMR sources of data (currently, Epic+MPOG), quality reports, and M&M reports with Associate Director of Patient Safety, Quality, and Staff Education. Present summaries to the leadership team and department as requested. Assist the associate director in identifying and developing educational opportunities to bring to the department, in conjunction with the medical directors.

• Provide oversight to the FPPE/OPPE staff metrics and work with other departmental leaders to ensure initial and ongoing staff competence.

• Summarize and present pertinent findings to the anesthesia department from pharmacy provider metrics, infection control, antibiotic stewardship and other sources as directed by the Chief.

• Lead the preparation and efforts for Joint Commission, DPH, or other regulatory reviews, and serve as the departmental representative to the reviewers.

• Serve as liaison to MEE and MGB for quality and safety initiatives to improve our culture of safety, reporting out MEE or MGB as directed by the Chief.

• Direct Reports include:

o Associate Director of Quality, Safety, and Staff Education

o Research Director

• Facilitate meetings related to primary responsibilities as directed by the Chief.

Departmental Goals:

• Ensure efficient, effective, and safe processes for the preoperative care of surgical patients at MEE. Utilize the tools available including the EMR to monitor and improve the system.

• Establish clear mission and goals for your tenure. Mentor and develop the talents of other clinical staff within the department to further the goals of a culture of safety. Establish the standards for professionalism and adherence to the precepts of quality improvement - continual, incremental data driven improvement; development and maintenance of staff competence; use of data and tools to maximize individual and corporate performance.

• Represent and adhere to the MEE Anesthesia Departmental Mission and Core Values

o OUR Mission: to provide the highest quality perioperative anesthesia care compassionately for adult and pediatric patients having ophthalmology and otolaryngology procedures. By providing superior services, we continue to earn the trust and confidence of surgeons and patients throughout the community and New England

o OUR Core Values

§ We will be kind and compassionate towards one another, our colleagues, and our patients.

§ We will be honest and transparent in dealing with each other.

§ We will strive for and foster an environment or fairness and collaboration.

§ We will proactively pursue clinical excellence and take initiative to help each other whenever possible.

§ We will strive for efficiency.

• Continually strive to demonstrate optimal conduct as outlined in the Conduct in the Workplace Policy (attached)

An active role in the department as a full-time anesthesiologist is expected (minimum of 0.8 FTE required). This role is a 3-year position, available for reapplication at the end of the tenure.

Please sign and date the attached offer letter, which signifies your acceptance of these responsibilities and others as assigned by the Chief of Anesthesia that are relevant to your Medical Directorship. Your signature also represents your agreement with the mission, core values, and attached conduct policy.


quired Credentials

• BE/BC Anesthesiology

• Recognized excellence and specialized training in Quality and Safety

• Enjoy and excel in verbal communication skills, leadership abilities, and conversational influence.

• Respected member of anesthesia department

• Reputation for integrity, honesty, and work ethic

• Consideration will be given to creating a diverse pool of division leaders.

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