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Location: New York, New York

Job Description:


Responsible for the development and implementation of policies, procedures and programs that will assure a well-managed, well-maintained building, placing maximum emphasis on positive response to the concerns and needs of the tenants, environmental health and safety, and quality programs, in coordination in conjunction with the owner's goals and objectives.


Essential The Resident Manager duties shall consist of the following but not limited to:


  • Read and learn the General Rules applying to all building service employees.

  • Handymen will work under the specific direction and supervision of the Supervisory Consultant and Managing Agent who will assign them the work to be done.

  • Maintain the smooth operation, security, and cleanliness of the physical structure and systems of the building.

  • Train aad supervise all staff, including temporary personnel, in the performance and scheduling of their respective jobs and in the observance of the rules of the building.

  • Coordinate access and scheduling of the contractors hired by the building, inspect their work in progress, and notify the Managing Agent immediately of any work not being performed to the highest standard of workmanship and within approved engineering plans.

  • Coordinate access and egress to the building for workers hired by individual residents in their apartments, paying particular attention to proper disposal of construction materials, and ensure that work being performed is within the guidelines of the resident's alteration agreement.

  • Respond quickly, calmly and efficiently to all emergencies, and inform the Supervisory Consultant and Managing Agent immediately. The comfort, convenience and safety of the residents must be considered at all times.

  • 8. Alert Managing Agent of any violation of the House Rules immediately upon learning of same including, but not limited to, an illegal sublet.

    9. Demonstrate an exemplary work ethic in your management and supervision of the building staff and outside workers. Lead by example in your attention to details, physical appearance and the manner in which you treat residents.

    10. Maintain a professional and solid working relationship with all shareholders/resident


  • The Resident Manager oversees the building and staff. Daily duties will be assigned by the Managing Agent.

  • Oversee the cleaning and upkeep of the building ,including but not limited to: the lobby, the laundry room, the staffroom, stairwells, all landings, common area doors, apartment doors, ceilings of common areas, courtyards, basement and sidewalk areas in front and on the side of the building.

  • Examine the boiler daily to ensure proper functioning, including a check of water level, heat timer and settings ,fuel level, and any water or steam leaks. Arrange for fuel delivery in a timely fashion. Maintain a written log of boiler inspection visits and post inspection certificates. Report all problems to the Supervisory Consultant or Managing Agent. immediately.

  • Schedule periodic cleaning of the gravity "water" tank and report all potential and actual concerns to the Supervisory Consultant and Managing Agent

  • Care in Doing Work - The work of a Resident Manager quite often involves physical exertion and, in some instances, may be dirty and messy. Care should be exercised to maintain your personal appearance as neat as practical without interfering with your work. Noise at all times should be kept to a minimum. Dirt and dust should be immediately and constantly cleaned up to avoid tracking it through the building. After completing a dirty job, immediately clean up and make your appearance as presentable as possible.

    Tools - In general, all buildings supply a complete set of tools that are frequently needed. If the Resident Manager is in charge of the shop, he is held personally responsible for these tools. A careful inventory must be kept on file and checked annually. Tools can best be kept track of by mounting them on a large painted board and painting the exact outline of them on the board when the tool is in place. In this manner, if a tool is removed the painted outline is immediately visible and attracts attention.

    Shop - Work can be most efficiently and easily done when the shop is neat, tidy and systematically arranged.

    Service Calls - Service calls received from residents should be logged in on work orders through Building Link. At all times, the Resident Manager should indicate when work has been taken care of, note specifics of work done, etc. through the Building Link system before a work order is closed. Building Link and all work order requests should be checked on frequently throughout the work shift (i.e., hourly).

    Repairs - A true value of a good Resident Manager in a building is the number of repairs and work which he is able to accomplish that might otherwise require the employment of an outside contractor. If you are to succeed at your work, constantly endeavor to learn how to do work which you have not done in the past.

    Private Work - Do not perform any private work for residents during your regular workday, unless ordered to do so by your Managing Agent.

    Building Maintenance - responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

    • Inspecting the roof and building exterior three (3) times per week for:

      • Water and other damages, including to the water tank

      • Condition of the roof, brickwork, exterior doors, lighting fixtures, security systems, etc.

    • Re-plastering of wall and/or ceiling damaged by water when a repair is the Corporation's responsibility, in both public areas and apartments.

    • Painting touch-ups in common areas. This includes, but is not limited to hallway corners on all floors ,doors of compact or rooms and stairwells, all hallways, windows and window sills in the gym and in the laundry room.

    • The replacement of electrical outlets, electrical switches, and light fixtures, in public areas.

    • If, in the Resident Manager's opinion, a job requires an outside contractor, he must contact the Supervisory Consultant and Managing Agent to receive authorization to use an outside contractor, unless required repair is a true emergency. The Supervisory Consultant and Managing Agent are to be alerted immediately if an outside contractor or additional staff is required to address the emergency.

    • It is important to remember that the Resident Manager's job is to provide a service, and that he is therefore required to be attentive to any reasonable request from a resident whether it is a corporation responsibility or not. Work that is a corporation responsibility is higher priority than work for which the Corporation is not responsible.

    • It is not the Resident Manager's job to tell a resident what is or is not the Corporation's responsibility.

    • In the case where there is any question as to the responsibility of the Corporation, the Resident Manager should simply inform the resident that he can only make repairs at the direction of the Managing Agent. In this instance, the resident should be referred to the Managing Agent for a decision.


    • Resident Manager is responsible for keeping the fire exits free and clear, regularly inspecting all points of egress.

    • All battery-operated and hard-wired combo smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are to be inspected annually (including shareholder and resident's apartments as well as common areas).

    • The Resident Manager should know the building's exits, fire evacuation plan, sprinkler system and physical composition so that in the event of an emergency, he can assist the fire department and rescue workers.

    OSHA Issues

    The Resident Manager must maintain basic knowledge of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations in order to protect workers-both staff and outside contractors-from potential hazards in the work place. Accessibility

    The building staff must know, at all times, where the Resident Manager can be reached, including after business hours, on weekends and while on vacation. It is the Resident Manager's responsibility to train all building employee show to reach him in case of an emergency.

    During regular business hours, building employees must be informed if the Resident Manager leaves the building for any reason, and when the Resident Manager will be back.

    After business hours, on weekends, or if off duty, the Resident Manager must have his cell phone turned on with him and be turned on at all times.

    If the Resident Manager will be more than 50 miles outside of New York City, or in some place where he may not be accessible via regular cellular service, he must inform Supervisory Consultant, Managing Agent and the building staff of an alternate phone number where he can be reached.


    Where a Resident Manager acts as lunch relief or day-off relief for any of the other employees in the building, he shall thoroughly study and acquaint himself with the duties and responsibilities of those employees.


    Maintain a list of all shareholders and residents. Familiarize yourself as quickly as possible with the names and locations of shareholders and residents.

    Be always courteous and polite. Never argue with a resident. Never use first names in addressing tenants or otherwise indulge in familiarities. Refrain from unnecessary conversations with residents, their guests or household employees. When in doubt, refer the resident to the Supervisory Consultant or Managing Agent.

    The Resident Manager shall appear at monthly Board meetings to update the Board on the condition of the building, status of projects including resident's alterations and any other issues deemed relevant to the Resident Manager and to the Board. A written Resident Manager's Report must be prepared for each meeting.

    The Resident Manager shall communicate to the Managing Agent on a daily basis all activities of the day.

    A weekly report of on-going projects, building activities and housekeeping project list shall be communicated to the managing agent.

    Staff Supervision

    • Hold regularly scheduled staff meetings to see that job requirements, daily schedules and building rules always remain clear to all personnel.

    • Establish training procedures for the staff and create a spirit of teamwork, cooperation, and efficiency.

    • Train all building personnel about their job responsibilities to include but not limited to the staff's cell phone usage, uniform maintenance, rules of engagement regarding courtesy and interactions with shareholders and residents, vacation policies and time off from work.

    •Ensure that the job requirements, daily schedules, and Corporation rules are clear to all personnel.

    • Create and maintain a schedule of maintenance tasks, including regular cleaning tasks done on a daily, weekly, or periodic basis as well as special projects scheduled as needed.

    • Be aware of inadequate work, service, or attitude problems with the staff and report them to the Managing Agent in a timely manner, immediately or no later than within one day of the date of occurrence Supervision of Service Companies and Outside Contractors

    Arrange access into individual apartments for outside contractors when requested

    by the Managing Agent.

    Ensure that outside contractors know and follow all building rules ;report, at once, any violations of the rules by either staff or shareholders, to the Managing Agent.

    Maintain the log of all outside contractors working in the building, both those hired by the Corporation and those hired by the individual shareholders. The log is to be filled out by all service personnel. The data required includes the arrival time of workmen, destination, departure time, date, and what work was performed at what location.

    Inspect the work performed and report to the Supervisory Consultant and Managing Agent all work you feel is unsatisfactory. This includes reports concerning contractors working for the building as well as for individual residents. In individual apartments where renovation work is taking place, inspection must be made at least weekly to ensure that the work is being done in accordance with the Alteration Agreement/engineering plans.

    Emphasize the proper disposal of construction materials by any outside contractors.

    Outside contractors must remove all construction material at their own expense during regular working hours. The Resident Manager is authorized to halt work at a particular job site if he feels these rules are not being followed. The Resident Manager must then inform the Managing Agent immediately so that the shareholder may be informed of the problem.


    Skills, Education and Experience:

    • Bachelor's Degree in business or related field. RPA and CCIM or CPM certification required.

    • Minimum of 8 years' experience in property operations.

    • Knowledge in all aspects of business including leasing and construction management.

    • Must have been responsible for a portfolio of three or more projects with direct reports.

    • Valid real estate license in States that require it.

    • May perform other duties as assigned

    Working Conditions: Normal working conditions with the absence of disagreeable elements.

    Salary: $75000 - $99,999 annually

    The expected base salary for this position ranges from $75000 to $99,999 annually. The actual base salary will be determined on an individualized basis taking into account a wide range of factors including, but not limited to, relevant skills, experience, education, and, where applicable, licenses or certifications held. In addition to base salary and a competitive benefits package, this position may be eligible for additional types of compensation including discretionary bonuses and other short- and long-term incentives (e.g., deferred cash, equity, etc.).

    Note: The statements herein are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by employees, and are not to be construed as an exhaustive list of responsibilities, duties, and skills required of personnel so classified.

    Newmark is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex including sexual orientation and gender identity, national origin, disability, protected Veteran Status, or any other characteristic protected by applicable federal, state, or local law.
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