Community Engagement Specialist at Residential Care Management, LLC

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Type: Full-Time
Location: Edina, Minnesota

Job Description:

At the Lodges Company, we care most about the people we serve and the people we employ. Our goal is to create peaceful homes where our clients are supported physically, mentally and emotionally. The Lodges operates 12 residential care homes that offer 24 hour assisted living services. Each home accommodates 5 -14 residents comfortably. We pride ourselves on 'Family-style care in a home environment'. If you are passionate about caring for others, and creating a safe healthcare environment that feels like home, this caregiver position may be a fit for you. Our caregiver position is a key role for achieving our goals around ensuring our residents receive the care they need and an inviting place we would all be proud to call 'home'. Let us know if our values resonate with you:

Dedicated- Unwavering devotion to support our company mission. Family-style care derives from dedicated professionals with a passion to help those in need no matter their background or abilities. You are there for residents, you are there for co-workers the same way you would be there for family.
Open and Honest- Productively share feedback with the intention of bettering individuals and the company. All individuals deserve honest feedback. When provided in a thoughtful manner - it can significantly improve relationships and culture. Find a way to share comments in a way that will build up the individual, relationship and company.
Takes Initiative- Independently assess and initiate action as you notice issues. If you notice something, do something. Addressing issues early helps contain and minimize effect. Everyone has the responsibility to step in and act.
Chooses a Positive Attitude- Exert undoubted positivity while representing the company. Reframe challenges, be nice to others and assume responsibility. Find a way to encourage others while promoting teamwork.
Problem Solver- Exercise your mind by creatively resolving issues. Do you have authority to make this decision? What is the most effective, positive, resident focused, way to resolve the issue? What are a few alternative solutions? Put a plan in place to solve and include your on-site supervisor when necessary.
Puts Residents Above All Else- Residents are priority and must remain top of mind. Customize care plans, execute and refresh frequently. We all have competing interests; personal, financial, relational, societal…we ask, when faced with an issue, you prioritize the community of residents. We cannot, and should not, ignore any interest. However, an ideal solution sets our residents up to have the highest success rate.

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