Research Data Engineer (Clinical IT and Research) at Nicklaus Children's Health System

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Type: Full-Time
Location: Miami, Florida

Job Description:

Job Summary

Provides IT support to colleagues in Research Institute and serve as liaison between IT and Research. The range of responsibilities includes, but is not limited to: databases development, implementation and administration; data quality reports; research applications development, data ontologies integration and curation.




Minimum Job Requirements

  •  Bachelor's degree in Information Technology, Biomedical Informatics, Computer Science, Engineering or related field with at least 4 years of combined experience in Clinical IT and Research (or) Master's degree in Information Technology, Biomedical Informatics, Computer Science, Engineering with at least 2 years of combined experience in Clinical IT and Research

  •  1-3 years of software development experience

  •  1-3 years of data management in Hadoop/Hive/MapReduce environment experience

  •  4-7 years of experience with developing database schemas, querying, managing or curating Oracle or PL/SQL or SQL Server Databases

  •  1-3 years of data warehousing ETL experience

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  •  PhD degree highly preferred

  •  Direct experience or very strong familiarity with commercial Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software platform (e.g., Cerner)

  •  Experience extracting and managing data from Electronic Medical Record software (e.g., Cerner, Epic) preferred

  •  Understanding of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) data architecture and definitions

  •  Familiarity with and experience with efficient database ETL processes (extracting data from a wide range of data sources, normalizing data, creating and providing Entity-Relationship diagrams, schemas, and related documentation, creating primary and foreign keys and indexing, writing functional and technical specifications)

  •  Experience working in research environment

  •  Ability to learn and apply new technical skills quickly

  •  Willingness and ability to share knowledge with other team members

  •  Ability to adapt to changes in healthcare and research environment

  •  Ability to highlight and communicate data quality concerns to stakeholders in projects

Job Specific Duties

  •  Engages and communicates effectively with a variety of IT, research, and medical staff.

  •  Proactively problem solves, identifies root causes, researches best practices, and makes suggestions to team.

  •  Participates in research staff training to access and manage the data.

  •  Bridges ongoing research project needs with IT department priorities and serves as liaison between IT and Research.

  •  Serves as RedCAP (Research Electronic Data Capture) administrator, ensures security compliance and database backups/restoring as needed.

  •  Assists with SOP writing related to research databases and Honest Broker. 

  •  Provides technical expertise at a variety of levels in healthcare and research data management.

  •  Designs and develops highly scalable, end to end process to consume, integrate and analyze large volume, complex data from different sources.

  •  Integrates datasets and flows using a variety of open source and best-in-class proprietary software.

  •  Performs ETL tasks from data collected in Electronic Medical Record Software (Cerner)

  •  Performs DBA tasks for research databases on SQL Server and Oracle database servers.

  •  Develop databases flexible for a range of health outcomes focused projects and bioinformatics using Hadoop or related HDFS data architectures

  •  Ensures Common Data Model transformations and recurring submissions to national consortiums the institution is participating in.

  •  Ensures databases and data extracts reflect specifications; proactively seeks specification clarification as needed to ensure data quality.

  •  Creates, provides, and maintains schemas and related documentation for research databases.

  •  Monitors server performance and ensures compliance with security.

  •  Ensures secure bi-directional data transfer between various applications.

  •  Integrates and curates data ontologies in research databases.

  •  Assesses the quality of data captured in electronic medical record databases and identifies inconsistencies.

  •  Provides data quality statistics and reports to the stakeholders.

  •  Modifies databases to address data quality issues when applicable.