Tips for Recruiting Employees with Disabilities

Guide on Employing People With Disabilities:

If you are an employer that is covered by one or more of the laws described in this Advisory, you have specific responsibilities related to the employment of individuals with disabilities. These legal requirements are designed to help ensure that qualified job candidates and employees with disabilities have equal opportunities in all aspects of employment in your business, agency, or organization.

This guidance provides additional information and resources that will help you comply with federal and state nondiscrimination laws and, at the same time, help you meet your hiring, productivity, mission and businessgoals.

Talent Acquisition: Recruiting and Hiring People With
Recruiting Qualified CandidatesHiring Qualified Individuals with DisabilitiesBusiness Incentives

On the Job: Ensuring Workplace Productivity, Health,
and Safety

Effective CommunicationReasonable AccommodationsSafety and Emergency Preparedness

Additional DOL Employer Resources

Resources on Employing People with DisabilitiesGeneral Employment ResourcesGeneral Disability Resources

Please note that the information contained in this portion of
the Advisory is for informational purposes only and is not designed to be a
substitute for legal advice. These resources are not exhaustive and the U.S.
Department of Labor (DOL) will continue to add information and provide regular

Additional Resources:

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