Disabled Veterans Resources

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MISSION as a job board is to help reduce the already high unemployment rate
among college grads with disbailities by uniting proactive employers with job
seekers. We will assist competitive career oriented college grads with
disabilites in the search for employment in entry level positions. Come and
check us out at recruitingABLEgrads.com 

Transportation Security Administration (TSA)-
Operating on the front lines of America’s security, we are committed to
increasing the employment of people with disabilities, and offering those
skilled people an environment in which they can excel. Because TSA’s
mission-critical occupations include strict physical and medical environments
that are based on statute, jobs potentially available for individuals with
disbailities are more likely to be in TSA’s management, administrative and
professional (MAP) positions. Come check us out at
Transportation Secuirty Administration

Stand Up for Veterans (TSA) -An advocacy campaing of DAV. Its purpose is to generate
greater public awareness and support for strengthening federal policies that
provide health care assistance to disabled veterans injured in the recent wars,
as well as those from prior eras and conflicts. Come check us out at
Stand up for Veterans

Veteran Substance Abuse – A War on Home Soil.