Our Pricing

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Single Job Postings: Thirty (30) days duration.

The costs for a single job posting is $50 for a 30 days
period. The payment is easily made through our user friendly automated online
credit card payment system. This is for one to twelve jobs per month.

Unlimited Job Postings.

The cost for unlimited
jobs postings is $625 per month. Here again, the payment can be made through our
user friendly automated online credit card payment system. Please call us at
760-420-1269 to activate your unlimited access. With this payment, you can
either manually post your jobs to our site or you can use our automated
Application Program Interface (API) feed. If you are going to post an average of
5 jobs per week for a month, we suggest that you manually post. If however, you
are going to post hundreds of jobs during the month, batch job posting, our
automated API feed is for you. Here you would get your IT department to format
the job postings into our template format that can be found at
and then simply upload the jobs into your
registration with your very own API key that we will give to you. If you want to
use our API, call us at 760-420-1269 and we will talk you through the easy

Annual Unlimited Batch Job Postings.

This package is primarily for batch job posting using our API feed. If you
purchase an annual unlimited job posting package for $7500, we will also give
you the following: 1) A profile page where you can place whatever content on you
wish on the page. A place to discuss your diversity hiring practices…The
heading of the page will say “Your Company” a proud supporter of the
disABLEDperson Inc. community. This may help you with your compliance issues. 2)
A banner logo. Positions on a first come first serve basis.

Banner Logos.

Logos are offered at $200 per month with logo position offered on a first come
first serve basis. Note: Banner Logos offered free with annual unlimited job
posting package.

Resume Searches.

Job Scraping.

disABLEDperson, Inc. is happy to set up a job
scraping for you if you wish. Please note that there is an additional cost for
this of $125/hour to set it up. The complexity of your career site or scraping
URL, will determine how many hours you will be billed. Most scrapes can be set
up in 4 to 8 hours. To minimize your cost for the scrape, presenting us with an
XML feed of your jobs will be great.


Resume searches are free to all employers who are regularly posting jobs on our board. The time of access will depend on the number of jobs posted and is our decision. If you would like to search our candidate’s resumes, please either call us at 760-420-1269 or email us at support@disabledperson.com and we will activate that feature for you.