Instructor - African-American History at Columbus State Community College

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Location: Columbus, Ohio

Job Description:

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Job Title: Instructor - African-American History

Department: Academic Affairs

Location: Columbus Campus

Employment Type: Faculty

Employment Status: Board Approved

Bargaining Unit: CSEA(Faculty)

FLSA Status: Exempt

Compensation Type: Two Semester

Compensation: $43,460.00 - $48,675.00 (See Salary details below)

Schedule: Mon - Fri; Evenings and Weekends as needed. 

Job Description: 

Position Summary

Full-time members of the facultyare professional educators who have the primary responsibility of fulfillingthe Colleges' mission, vision, values, strategic plan, President's & Boardof Trustees' charges and educational philosophy, and primary goal of providinga quality education for all students attending the College. Faculty members areclassified according to the ranks of Instructor, Assistant Professor, AssociateProfessor, and Professor. Faculty members are subject to Board policies,including academic freedom, and are also bound by its accompanyingresponsibilities. The relationship of the faculty member to the student is oneof leader, teacher, adviser, mentor, and facilitator of learning.

Core Competencies Required

Professionalism, Managing Work,Continuous Improvement, Customer/Student/Employee Focus, Collaboration andLeadership


Instruction and StudentLearning

Teaches assigned pre-collegereading, writing, and college success courses as scheduled in accordance withcurrent department-approved course descriptions, course outlines, syllabi, andprocedures. Assists, as appropriate, in the maintenance of instructionalmaterials and laboratory facilities. Contributes, as appropriate, to thedevelopment, selection, and improvement of instructional materials,laboratories, and other instructional facilities. Provides leadership in thedevelopment, maintenance, and design of course description, course outlines,and syllabi. Recommends modifications to the curriculum and participates in thedesign of new curricula.

Employs and provides leadership inthe design and development of appropriate assessment techniques to measurestudents' performance in achieving course goals and objectives. Communicatesprogress in the course to students in a timely manner. Determines and submitsstudents' grades in accordance with established college policies andprocedures.

Student Engagement andAdvisement

Keeps accurate and appropriaterecords in accordance with the Faculty Handbook and departmental policies. Participatesin the identification of students with academic or other needs and responds byutilizing an appropriate resource. Advises potential or current students withinthe discipline. Maintains posted office hours in accordance with departmentaland college policies.

Continuous Improvement

Promotes continual improvement aspart of the cycle of teaching and learning by: assisting, as appropriate, inthe maintenance of instructional materials and laboratory facilities;contributing, as appropriate, to the development, selection, and improvement ofinstructional materials, laboratories, and other instructional facilities;providing guidance in the development, maintenance, and design of coursedescription, course outlines, and syllabi; recommending modifications to thecurriculum and participating in the design of new curricula.   
Completes all mandatory performance evaluation measures within specified timelimits and participates in all required training by the College.  Sharesbest practices with colleagues in formal or informal settings. Participates in instructional, departmental, or institutional research toimprove educational effectiveness.  Evaluates teaching and assessmentpractices to continue improving them. 

Provides feedback, as appropriate,regarding the general operations of the department, division and theCollege.  Provides advice and/or assistance to faculty within thedepartment, division, or College.  Attends faculty meetings as called by thePresident, Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dean or DepartmentChairperson; and participates, as appropriate, on departmental and divisionalcommittees.

Professional Development

Maintains a personal portfolio fortenure and promotion review and other career-related needs. Employs student,administrative and self-appraisals to establish goals and objectives forprofessional development, and participates in professional developmentactivities. Contributes, as appropriate, to the planning, evaluation, and/orpresentation of college professional development programs. Provides feedback,as appropriate, regarding the general operations of the department, the division,and the College. Participates, as appropriate, in the interviewing, selection,and orientation processes of department faculty and staff. Provides adviceand/or assistance to faculty within the department, division, or College. Attendsfaculty meetings as called by the President, Provost, Dean or DepartmentChairperson; and participates, as appropriate, on departmental and divisionalcommittees. Participates in K-12 partnerships, including College Credit Plus. Providesleadership in keeping the department current in the discipline.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Helpsto ensure the College meets its responsibilities in identifying areas ofopportunity and systemic concerns, while reporting complaints allegingdiscrimination.

Createsa welcoming, inclusive, equitable, and productive work and learningenvironment, where all students, faculty members, and college employees feelvalued and able to contribute to their full potential, regardless of theirdifferences. Ensures accessible and inclusive curriculum design and teachingstrategies, and specifically promotes, advises, and supports curriculumdevelopment aimed at creating a diverse and equitable learning environment.

Fostersand maintains a safe environment of respect and inclusion for faculty, staff,students, and members of the community.

Other Duties andResponsibilities

Provides consultative assistanceto and advises, as appropriate, student organizations and groups. Contributesto the community and/or the profession as a representative of the College. Contributes,as appropriate, in additional duties and responsibilities based upon theexpertise of the Instructor and the needs of the department, division, orCollege. Participates in local, statewide, or national levels in theadvancement of the discipline and/or the two-year college mission. Worksassigned schedule, exhibits regular and predictable attendance, and worksovertime as required to meet workload demands. Be an Instructor of record in adigital environment. Other duties as required.

Usual PhysicalRequirements

Reasonable accommodations may bemade to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential jobfunctions described in this position description. While performing duties ofthis job, the employee regularly exhibits digital dexterity when entering datainto computer. The employee frequently sits for periods of time, stands, andwalks. Employee converses verbally or manually with others in person as well asby telephone. Vision demands include close, relatively detailed vision whenfocusing on a computer screen. Employee occasionally lifts up to 10 pounds.

Working Conditions
Typical office and classroomenvironment. Regular exposure to moderate noise typical to businessoffices. 

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Knowledge of: digital course development and delivery; on-line instruction techniques and methods; Microsoft Office; Blackboard. Skill In: course design and development; digital course development and delivery; social media; providing quality instruction, including active and collaborative teaching techniques, and support to a diverse student body; learning technologies and use of multi-media technology to enhance student learning; instructional planning and presentation; incorporating critical thinking, effective communication, and other general education outcomes in course content. Ability to: collaborate with Columbus State community partners, including K-12 organizations, higher education institutions, as well as business and industry; demonstrate collegiality and collaboration across all college divisions; manage curriculum development projects; perform student learning outcomes assessments; demonstrate teaching strategies that focus on student-centered learning; demonstrate a commitment to improving student learning through innovative strategies that aid student success and retention and reflect current educational trends; adapt to multi-campus organizational work environments, as well as changes in the discipline.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Master's degree in African-American History or related.

  • At least one (2) years of college-level teaching experience.

  • State Motor Vehicle Operator's License or demonstrable ability to gain access to work site(s). 

Preferred Qualifications: Specialization in African-American History (1619 to Present).

Additional Information:  Applicants must be willing to work with high school students and teachers to fulfill the college's commitment to College Credit Plus which may require travel to central Ohio's schools.College Credit Plus (CCP) is Ohio's dual enrollment program that provides students in grades 7-12 the opportunity to earn college and high school credits at the same time by taking courses from Ohio colleges or universities. The purpose of this program is to enhance students' career readiness and post-secondary success, while providing a wide variety of options to college-ready students, at no or limited costs to students and families. Columbus State is fully committed to supporting College Credit Plus and invites candidates with an interest in this initiative to apply.Applicants must attach curriculum vitae, cover letter, and appropriate transcripts with application.

Salary Details: 9 Month Instructor Salary $43,460--$48,675

Optional Summer Semester (Full load): $13,413--$15,023

Optional Overload (maximum amounts shown):

           --Autumn Semester(12 contact hours): $10,368

           --Spring Semester(12 contact hours): $10,368

           --Summer Semester(9 contact hours): $7,776

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