Hatchery Manager - Armin F Koernig at Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corp

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Type: Full-Time
Location: Anchorage, Alaska

Job Description:

This position is located at the Armin F Koernig Hatchery on Evans Island in the Prince William Sound of Alaska near Chenega.

Category:Full time, regular, full benefits
Payroll Classification:Annual Wage, Exempt
Organizational Unit:Production
Location:Hatchery or Remote Field Station
Customary Work Hours:8:00 5:00, Monday - Friday
Supervisor's Title:Production Manager

Basic Function:The Hatchery Manager has two basic functions: 1) to serve as the full-charge working manager of a fish hatchery responsible for all site activities including fish culture personnel and fish-related operations, site safety programs, budget management requiring management level decision making capability on a 24-hour basis; and 2) to work on a daily basis with the Production Manager, onsite Maintenance, safety personnel, and office staff to carry out the directives of the Board. This position is one of the top management positions within PWSAC.

Primary Responsibilities:The Hatchery Manager ensures the efficient, safe operation and administration of the hatchery within applicable regulations. Responsibilities include supervision of fish culture and maintenance personnel, operation of the hatchery production, and liaison with the public. Administrative responsibilities include planning, budgeting, documenting, assessing, and improving hatchery functioning.

Description of duties and tasks:
Assumes full responsibility for the operation of hatchery facilities, to include operational design, budget, plans and implementation.
Directs all phases of production relative to production goals, quality criteria, and risk reduction procedures.
Plans and assists with experimental fish rearing, disease control, genetic research, and other biological projects.
Compiles data to prepare comprehensive reports on each seasons hatchery operations; utilizes computer software to accomplish data entry and analysis needs of these reports.
Participates in development of long-range plans for the facility. Initiates, executes, summarizes, and reports on these plans and projects.
Prepares, defends, and manages facility budget. 1/10/23
Consults with other hatchery managers, fish culturists, maintenance managers, fish geneticists and pathologists to resolve problems in hatchery operations.
Advises biological staff in hatchery and related matters pertinent to various research and management projects.
Conducts and supervises all aspects of hatchery operations.
Assures state and federal regulatory and permit compliance related to all aspects of hatchery operations.
Prepares and submits monthly reports, special reports and studies contributing solutions to corporate hatchery problems.
Escorts visitors on tours of the facility.
Assists with on-site coordination of construction projects.
Supervises assistant manager, fish culturists, maintenance manager and lead commissary cook.
Purchases hatchery supplies and equipment.
Understands and enforces PWSAC policies and procedures
Understands and follows applicable State and Federal regulations
Monitors and assures implementation of the hatchery safety program, environmental program, and related functions.
Effectively interacts with public and directs inquiries to appropriate department or persons.
Performs related duties as assigned.

Essential Functions:Work performed at any hatchery or remote location as needed. Must be able to move about freely; work outdoors in all weather conditions; ability to lift and carry 50 pounds; ability to climb stairs and ladders; ability to climb aboard and about vessels and small aircraft; work around water on docks and floats; use telephones and computers unimpaired. Must be able to read, write, speak, and understand the English language. Must be able to hear and see to receive verbal and written instructions.

Positions Supervised:
- Assistant Hatchery Manager
- Fish Culturists I and II
- Maintenance Manager
- Food Services Cooks
- Seasonal Fisheries Technicians

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