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Location: Chicago, Illinois

Job Description:

RN RESIDENCY PROGRAM What's it all about?
The program includes organizational orientation, practice-based experiences, online learning modules and supplemental activities to promote professional development.

How do I benefit?
We want newly graduated nurses to expand their training and knowledge enabling them to move from an entry-level competency to a proficient, rehabilitation nurse expert.

How long is the program?
The program is structured in 12 months and executed in two parts:
1) On-unit experiences with preceptor & clinical instructor
2) Nurse Residency course sessions with cohort of Nurse Resident hires

Am I eligible? All licensed RN's with less than 12 months of relevant experience are eligible.

The Registered Nurse is responsible for performing individualized and age-specific nursing assessment of assigned patients using advanced assessment skills and other medical data to formulate nursing diagnoses. Develops individualized care plans and provides and coordinates comprehensive nursing care. Instructs patients and significant others in care provided, disease and/or illness, expected outcomes and home care.

The Registered Nurse consistently demonstrates support of the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab statement of Mission and Philosophy by striving for excellence, contributing to the team efforts and showing respect and compassion for patients and their families, fellow employees, and all others with whom there is contact at or in the interest of the institute.

The Registered Nurse demonstrates Shirley Ryan AbilityLab Core Attributes: Communication, Accountability, Flexibility/Adaptability, Judgment/Problem Solving, Customer Service and Shirley Ryan AbilityLab Values (Hope, Compassion, Discovery, Collaboration, & Commitment to Excellence) while fulfilling job duties.

Principal Responsibilities
The Registered Nurse will:

  1. Provide professional nursing care for the comfort and well-being of patients, which includes performing specialized treatments, administering prescribed medications, and coordinating patient care with other departments.
  2. Collect pertinent physiological, psychosocial, and functional data to formulate nursing diagnosis using evidence-based techniques and instruments.
  3. Assist physician during examinations and treatments.
  4. Formulate nursing diagnoses by interpreting data from health team members and integrate into written assessments.
  5. Assess patients, identify changes in status, establish priorities for patient care, and identify crisis situations when needed.
  6. Implement interventions consistent with the established plan of care and interdisciplinary treatment plan, evaluate progress toward goal attainment, and modify the plan of care as indicated.
  7. Provide information to patient and significant others regarding care during hospitalization, expected outcomes, home care instructions, and referrals to appropriate health agencies and resources.
  8. Prepare and provide reports on patient care plans to health team members, which includes completing assignment sheets, providing explanation of patient care plans, and completing documentation.
  9. Collect and report pertinent physiological, psychological, and functional data based on patient plan of care or patient need.
  10. Review, evaluate and make recommendations regarding Shirley Ryan AbilityLab policies and procedures related to patient care to ensure comprehensive patient care.
  11. Perform all other duties that may be assigned in the best interest of the organization.

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