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Location: Davie, Florida

Job Description:

Hollywood/Davie, FL-Hybrid role

We are seeking a Database Administrator to assist managing our growing enterprise databases landscape.  He/she requires a high degree of expertise and specialized knowledge of data base management techniques which facilitate and expedite the usability, consistency, accuracy, integrity, security, timeliness and availability of enterprise data.  This position reports to the Director of Database Administration.


Job Duties/Responsibilities:

*    Performs, installs and troubleshoots database backups to safeguard data and guarantee recoverability 

*    Performs database recovery as needed

*    Troubleshoots issues on the database server, databases, tables and other database objects

*    Performs tuning of database servers and slow queries as needed

*    Performs SQL Server administrative tasks

*    Performs SQL Server Reporting Service tasks to set up, maintain and deploy server and reports

*    Performs SQL Server Integration Service tasks to set up and maintain server, deploy and troubleshoot packages

*    Designs, Deploys, and Maintains SQL Server Agent jobs

*    Deploys and performs tasks on servers with high availability technologies like but not limited to failover clustering and AlwaysOn

*    Deploys and Performs tasks for replicated databases using SQL Server Replication

*    Assists other IT teams in diagnosing issues impacting IT systems

*    Participates in the execution of database tasks from project plans for new or existing IT systems 

*    Works with vendors, users, applications developers and management to obtain information and develop an understanding of the needs of the organization and to overcome significant operational and/or technical issues or problems.

*    Participates in 24/7 support and on-call rotation

*    Recommends potential solutions utilizing relational technology and implements them

*    Collaborates with and supports data architects and application developers in the physical design of databases

*    Implements the physical database design and optimization strategies as discussed with management

*    Performs database conversion and migration activities

*    Provides technical consultation to the development staff and other IT organizations or groups

*    Monitors and tunes database performance to meet performance objectives

*    Manages and monitors storage capacity on database servers

*    Learns new techniques, best practices, and new technologies in the field of database administration, monitoring and performance

*    Follows SHRSS Change Control practices

*    Follows SHRSS Database Standards as documented and as indicated by management

*    Escalates intractable problems to the vendor and follows up to resolution

*    Responds to and assists with other problem tickets as required

*    Adheres to other defined SOPs as required

*    Performs other duties as assigned

*    May be required to use other RDBMS technologies like Oracle Database, MySQL or others, or NoSQL technologies like MongoDB, Cassandra or others.



*    STEM Bachelor's degree or equivalent work experience is required

*    3-5 years of technical database administration experience or combination of training and experience is required

*    3-5 years of experience in an IT organization and/or equivalent application or business experience is preferred

*    Requires understanding of logical design and physical implementation

*    Requires knowledge of enterprise hardware and operations systems

*    Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to deal with a diverse range of people, which includes the upper levels of corporate management

*    Self-sufficient, requiring limited supervision over job knowledge, expectations and successful project completion


Technical Skills:

*    Knows how to use SSMS to monitor jobs, view history, set job notifications, set operators, enable and set Database Mail up

*    Proficient with T-SQL

*    Knows how to use SSMS to monitor access to the server and database

*    Knows how to use SSMS to monitor the database server performance

o    Understands locking

o    Understands CPU time

o    Understands wait types

o    Understands physical reads and logical reads and writes

o    Understands sessions and requests

*    Knows how to use SSMS and T-SQL to verify availability

o    Understands database states and user access options

*    Knows how to operate and configure SQL Server services

*    Understands Windows Clustering

*    Knows T-SQL to troubleshoot errors

*    Knows SSIS to troubleshoot errors

*    Responds promptly to events

*    Knows how to use SSMS and T-SQL to create logins and users, and to grant permissions

*    Understands SQL Server security architecture

*    Knows how to use SSMS and T-SQL to create and modify databases

*    Understands application needs before implementing the database

*    Is familiar with Best Practices for database file structure, security, etc.

*    Is familiar with pre-installation, installation and post-installation steps

*    Is familiar with Best Practices as far as systems databases, security, etc.

*    Knows how to use SSMS and T-SQL to run backups and recoveries

*    Hands-on knowledge of Oracle Database is desirable but not critical. Version 11g and up.

o    Knows how to connect

o    Understands Oracle database architecture

o    Knowledge of Oracle RAC is desirable 

o    Knows how to back up the database both online and offline

o    Knows how to restore the database

o    Knowledge of RMAN desirable

*    Hands-on knowledge of UNIX and/or Linux bash shell is desirable but not critical. 

*    Hands-on knowledge of NoSQL is desirable but not critical

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