Special Procedures Technologist at Brigham & Women's Hospital(BWH)

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Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Job Description:


Functions as an integral part of the Interventional radiology team by caring for patients undergoing image-guided procedures. Under general supervision and following established procedures, operates imaging equipment to acquire images for use by physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.


  • Operates angiographic equipment to obtain and optimize diagnostic imaging. In doing so, ensures the patient is properly prepared, positioned, immobilized, and shielded. Selects proper imaging factors, collimation, and images the designated portion(s) of the body. At the conclusion of the case images are filmed at the appropriate settings and transferred to the PACS system.

  • Helps patients feel comfortable and at ease with procedure. Explains exam to patient taking into consideration physical and emotional needs; maintaining ethical standards (patient confidentiality, professional conduct, etc.). Delivers patient care under scope of license/training.

  • Prepare the equipment, room and supplies necessary for each patient and regular daily use. Stock and supply room as needed. Ensures that the procedure room is properly prepared for the specific procedure being performed. This includes setting up procedure trays with procedure specific equipment as well as bringing equipment that will likely be utilized during the procedure into the room (balloons, wires, etc.).

  • Maintains effective working relations and communication with departmental and other hospital personnel, i.e. professional, nursing, etc.

  • Calibrate and verify the operation of all equipment to be used during the work day. To notify appropriate personnel of equipment malfunctions and repairs needed.

  • Execute paperwork and Radiology Information Systems functions as necessary for each patient exam (e.g. schedule exam, complete exam, transfer folder to reading room, etc.).

  • Contacts appropriate physician with concerns regarding patients.

  • Wears appropriate safety/infection control attire when performing examinations.

  • Remain up-to-date on developments and trends in imaging techniques, procedures and equipment by reading appropriate manuals and technical journals. To participate in education programs and meet state and national requirements for continuing education credits.

  • May oversee and instruct various personnel and technology students (medical radiography, ultrasonography, nuclear medicine) within the department.

  • To acknowledge and participate in research programs, quality assurance and quality improvement projects carried on in the department (i.e. cost containment).

  • To assume responsibilities for on-call coverage, and to remain flexile in all shift coverage and overtime situations as necessary.

  • Transport and transfer patients using established procedures according to departmental guidelines.

  • Uses independent judgment, ingenuity and initiative under pressure in a variety of situations when performing patient exams.

  • Performs venipuncture for purposes of contrast administration under the direction of a radiologist. Follow all hospital and departmental contrast administration policies and procedures.

  • Scrubbing in as a second operator to assist the primary physician including catheter/wire management, accessing venous lines and devices, administration of contrast, and assisting the physician to expedite the case and improve the quality of care.

  • With additional education and competency-based training, perform an array of cross training duties as outlined in the division policy and procedures manual.

  • Performs all other duties as directed.



  • Must have graduated from an approved school of Radiologic Technology.

  • Must possess a valid permanent Massachusetts license as a Radiologic Technologist.

  • Must be registered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists or equivalent.

  • Completion of a twelve (12) month program in special procedures, or equivalent with 1-2 years of experience as a Radiologic Technologist is preferred.


  • Must have interpersonal skills sufficient to interact effectively with patients who may be under physical and/or emotional stress.

  • Must possess analytical abilities necessary to acquire and effectively utilize knowledge of imaging processes, techniques, and procedures and cross sectional anatomy.

  • Work requires several weeks of training to acquire necessary familiarity with imaging equipment, procedures, techniques and methods.

  • Must have the ability to adapt to changing pace within the department, with frequent interruptions.

  • Presents a positive attitude and a professional appearance.

  • Must be physically capable of lifting, (linen, supplies, patients, etc.).

  • Comprehensive understanding of computer operations relating to Digital Imaging, the Radiology Information System (IDXRad) and all Hospital Information Systems that integrate with the Department of Radiology relating to patient information and management (BICS, Order entry systems, PACS ect.).

  • Must demonstrate flexibility and willingness to adapt to diverse roles as a member of the department team.

  • Must be aware of hazards within the department, adhere to safety standards established by Brigham and Women's Hospital and other regulatory agencies (ionizing radiation, Standard precautions, etc.).

  • Able to work in changing environments (reduced lighting, increased noise, temperature variances, unpleasant odors, etc.).


  • Work requires a considerable amount of walking and standing while wearing radiation protection devices.

  • Requires physical effort to lift and position patients and radiographic equipment.

  • Exposure to some radiation during fluoroscopy, spot filming and cine filming.

  • Exposure to blood and waste products, and contagious diseases.

  • Constant changes in lighting - overhead lighting, followed by dark during fluoro, bright lights on illuminators and surgical lamps, dark in the darkroom, etc.

  • Erratic lunch hours due to long length of procedures and unpredictable scheduling.

EEO Statement

Brigham and Women's Hospital is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, sex, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, protected veteran status, or on the basis of disability.
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