Social Services Assistant - Adult Svcs at County of Riverside

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Type: Full-Time
Location: Riverside, California

Job Description:


The County of Riverside's Department of Public Social Services is currently recruiting for Social Services Assistants, in the Adult Services Division (ASD). Positions are located throughout Riverside County.

The selected candidates are responsible for providing support to Social Services Practitioners within ASD while out in the field or with continuing services. The Social Services Assistants will also be tasked with transporting the elderly or clients with disabilities to appointments or meetings; assisting with field visits to ensure the safety of clients; assisting clients with completing applications for programs and services; and coordinating care and services to ensure clients are receiving continuous care. Additionally, the incumbent may be required to travel to other counties or out of state.

The Social Services Assistant positions may require overtime occasional during the evening and/or weekend.

- Experience working with the aging and diverse population
- Knowledge to determine potential or imminent risk to the safety of adults residing in the household

Meet the Team!
The County of Riverside Department of Public Social Services is comprised of employees who work collectively and in partnership with community-based organizations to serve the needs of the community. Can you see yourself here?

• Make home visits to individuals to provide assistance, answer questions, and assess other needs in the home living site.

• Gather data from interviews with clients, physicians, and/or other appropriate concerned individuals.

• Review case records to formulate basic service plans or participates with professional staff in the formulation of service plans; perform a variety of para-professional tasks in the delivery of social service plans, such as referrals to appropriate resources and training in work skills and parenting.

• Complete or assists the client in completing applications for program participation and in obtaining needed services, such as medical care; may act as advocate for the client in securing services or provide encouragement to assist and support clients in securing and/or following through on services.

• Provide supportive counseling and assist clients in recognizing and correcting home, family, and social conditions contributing to problems; instruct clients on appropriate methods of home management, basic health, and nutrition needs.

• Assist clients in developing appropriate parenting skills, job skills and daily living skills; help client resolve training barriers; monitor clients progress in learning and performing basic job skills; teach age appropriate responses to children; support client's efforts in dealing with children including those with medical and/or emotional problems.

• Monitor client's progress and adherence to service plan and make written and/or verbal reports of serious problems to professional staff.

• Act as liaison between the professional staff and the client by clarifying instructions and information; describe basic services, County programs, and other available community resources to clients.

• Act as liaison between the Riverside County Department of Public Social Services or Department of Behavioral Health and other agencies, individuals, organizations or community groups.

• Place clients who are unable to care for themselves in an appropriate care or treatment facility.

• Assist clients in arranging for transportation necessary to obtain services; maintain records and write reports on clients' status; prepare correspondence as necessary; when qualified to do so, acts as an interpreter for non-English speaking clients.

• Supervise children awaiting placement.

• Assist Social Workers with coordinating services provided to clients, phone calls, completing forms, and supervising family visits.

• Maintain up-to-date electronic records of client visitation in a centralized database.

• Positions in the DPSS Children's Services Division may require incumbents to assess the client family environment in order to determine potential or imminent risk to the safety of children/adults residing in the household; when safety needs dictate, remove child from home and transport them, complying with all safety regulations, including the use of age appropriate California safety mandated equipment, when assisting with initial removal or facilitating a placement change or when transporting them to visits with the parents, court hearings, therapy, etc.

• Positions in the DPSS Parent Locator Unit require incumbents to identify and locate missing/absent parents, relatives, and other relevant persons associated to the case and to prepare reports of searches to be used in Juvenile Court custody proceedings. This includes obtaining information through inquiries of public or private agencies, employers, families, neighbors or other individuals; querying various directories, utility records, computer systems and other available sources; and conducting office and field interviews to follow up on possible leads to determine parent or relative residence.

• Positions in the DPSS Adult Services Division may require incumbents to assist transporting an elderly or disabled adult to another location. This may include managing the client's necessary assistive equipment, such as a wheelchair.

Experience: Six months as a Community Services Assistant with the Riverside County Department of Public Social Services or Department of Behavioral Health.

Experience: One year of full-time experience performing client directed services in either a social service, healthcare, or mental health agency/organization.

Education: Completion of 15 semester or 24 quarter units from an accredited college or university in psychology, sociology, social welfare, social/human services or other behavioral sciences.

Knowledge of: Basic public social service programs, goals and objectives; problems, needs, and behavioral patterns of the disadvantaged; cultural and ethnic attitudes towards community services; principles of interviewing and problem-solving methods.

Ability to: Work effectively with a wide variety of agencies, organizations and individuals; interview and evaluate clients and recognize the relevant and significant factors pertaining to their needs; implement basic social service plans and monitor client's progress toward established goals; understand and evaluate psychological, cultural, and social factors affecting behavioral patterns; explain department procedures; interpret agency programs and policies to clients, agencies, and organizations; read and interpret information obtained from computers, microfilms, and written documents; obtain information in a non-intrusive but persuasive manner; interact effectively with people from diverse cultures and socio-economic backgrounds.


Other Requirements
Assessment: Minimally qualified candidates will be required to pass a computerized assessment in order to be considered for this position.

License: Possession of a valid California Driver's License is required.

Testing Information, Online
All candidates will be required to take an online test as part of the application process for this position. The Human Resources Department may require you to verify your identity and confirm test scores by retesting in a proctored environment. The County does not provide test scores to applicants.

The test link is listed below. If you have tested within the last 6 months you MUST click on the link and login to confirm your scores have not expired. If you are creating a new account make sure to use the same user account information as your government jobs account (email address, first & last name).

Things to note prior to starting your online exam:
- Do not modify, share, or manipulate the testing link contained in this message or your application for employment may be withdrawn.
- The exam may take 30 minutes to approximately 90 minutes to complete.
- It is recommended that you take the exam in a quiet environment, free of interruption.
- The exam is not intended for completion on a mobile device.
- You are expected to complete the assessment on your own without assistance. Cheating is strictly prohibited. The Human Resources Department may require you to verify your identity and confirm test scores by retesting on-site in a proctored environment.
- The County does not provide test scores to applicants.

Technical issues during testing? Contact the County's test vendor, SHL, at (800) 899-7451, option 1.

REASONABLE ACCOMMODATIONS: The County of Riverside is committed to providing reasonable accommodation to applicants as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA). If you are a qualified individual and need a reasonable accommodation to take this exam, contact the recruiter before taking the exam.

For additional information and the accommodation form, visit the Disability Access Office web page at:

Veterans' Preference
The County has a Veterans Preference Policy. Upload a copy of your (or your spouse's) Member-4 Form DD-214 (or NGB-22) indicating dates of service, and a copy of your spouse's letter of disability (if applicable) with your application. For privacy reasons, it is recommended that you remove your social security information from the document(s). A Human Resources Representative will review the materials and determine if you qualify for veterans' preference. See the policy here (Download PDF reader).

What's Next?
This recruitment is open to all applicants.

Applicants who are current County of Riverside employees and/or current employees of the County of Riverside's Department of Public Social Services may be considered before other applicants depending on the volume of applications received.

Qualified applicants may be considered for future vacancies throughout the County.

Reasonable Accommodations
The County of Riverside is committed to providing reasonable accommodation to applicants as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA). Qualified individuals with disabilities who need a reasonable accommodation during the application or selection process should contact the recruiter for the position noted above. For additional information and/or to obtain the appropriate form for requesting a reasonable accommodation, please visit the Disability Access Office web page located at: .

Application Period

Applications received prior to the closing date will be considered based on the information submitted. Changes or alterations cannot be accepted. All applicants must submit a complete application by January 23, 2022, 11:59pm PST. No late applications will be permitted.

Include relevant work experience details on resume and/or application. Applicants who fail to provide information demonstrating they possess the position requirements may not be considered further in the application process. A description of job duties directly copied from the job classification or job posting will not be considered.

Upload a copy of any license(s), official/unofficial transcript(s), degrees, and/or related employment documents to your NeoGov account. If your education was completed outside of the United States, you will need to provide a copy of your Foreign Education Equivalency evaluation from a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) or Association of International Credential Evaluators, Inc. (AICE).

MEDICAL/DENTAL/VISION INSURANCE: A choice of different medical, dental and visions plan are available to elect. The County provides a Flexible Benefit Credit contribution as governed by the applicable SEIU Memorandum of Understanding to contribute towards the cost of these plans.

Note: Employees on assignment through the Temporary Assignment Program (TAP) receive different benefits. See the list here .
MISCELLANEOUS RETIREMENT: County of Riverside has three retirement Tiers through the California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS).

  • Tier I (Classic Member - Formula 3% @ 60): Applicable to current and former County of Riverside local miscellaneous employees hired prior to 08/24/2012 and did not withdraw CalPERS contributions. The employee contribution is eight (8%) percent.

  • Tier II (Classic Member - Formula 2% @ 60): Applicable to local miscellaneous employees 1) hired after 08/23/2012 through 12/31/2012; 2) Previously employed with another CalPERS contracting public agency or a reciprocal retirement system, with a break in service of less than six months between the separation date with the previous employer and the appointment date with the County of Riverside. The employee contribution is seven (7%) percent.

  • Tier III (PEPRA New Member - Formula 2% @ 62): Applicable to CalPERS local miscellaneous new members hired on or after the implementation of the Public Employees' Pension Reform Act of 2013 (PEPRA) which took effect January 1, 2013. As of July 1, 2020, the employee contribution is 7.25% and subject to change annually.

A new member is defined as any of the following:
  • A new hire who enters CalPERS membership for the first time on or after January 1, 2013, and who has no prior membership in any California Public Retirement System.
  • A new hire who enters CalPERS membership for the first time on or after January 1, 2013, and who was a member with another California Public Retirement System prior to that date, but who is not subject to reciprocity upon joining CalPERS.
  • A member who first established CalPERS membership prior to January 1, 2013, and who is rehired by a different CalPERS agency after a break in service of greater than six (6) months.

  • CalPERS refers to all members that do not fit within the definition of a new member as "classic members".

    Contribution rates are subject to change based on the County of Riverside annual actuarial valuation.


    This summary is for general information purposes only. Additional questions regarding retirement formulas can be sent to or by calling the Benefits Information Line at (951) 955-4981,
    Option 2.

    If you have prior service credit with another CalPERS agency or within agencies, please contact CalPERS at (888) 225-7377 to determine which retirement tier would be applicable to you. CalPERS is governed by the Public Employees' Retirement Law. The Retirement Law is complex and subject to change. If there's any conflict between this summary and the law, the law will prevail over this summary.
    DEFERRED COMPENSATION: Voluntary employee contribution with a choice between two 457 deferred compensation plan options.

    VACATION ACCRUAL (Bi-Weekly Accrual):

    0< 3 year = 80 Hours (10 Days)

    4< 9 years = 120 Hours (15 Days)

    10 or more years = 160 Hours (20 Days)

    Maximum Vacation leave accumulation is 480 hours.

    SICK LEAVE: Four (4) hours Sick Leave accrual per pay period with unlimited accrual.

    HOLIDAYS: Normally 12 paid holidays per year.

    BEREAVEMENT LEAVE: Allowed 5 days (3 days are County paid; 2 additional days can be taken from accrued Sick Leave balance).

    BASIC LIFE INSURANCE: Equal to one times annual base salary not to exceed $50,000 of term life coverage. Premiums are paid by the County. Additional Supplemental Life plan is available for employee purchase.

    DISABILITY: Short-term Disability benefit pays up to a maximum of $461.54 weekly, payable up to a maximum of 52 weeks.

    POST RETIREMENT MEDICAL CONTRIBUTION: A monthly contribution is made by the County towards retiree health insurance offered through the County as governed by the applicable SEIU Memorandum of Understanding.

    OTHER: There may be other benefit provisions as specified in the applicable Memorandum of Understanding. Please contact the recruiter listed on the job posting directly for more information.

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