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Director of Purchasing & Fleet Services at County of Riverside

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Type: Full-Time
Location: Riverside, California

Job Description:


The County of Riverside is currently seeking the Director of Purchasing and Fleet Services. This position will report to the County's Chief Administrative Officer. This is an Executive Leadership position managing a critical department within the County. The selected candidate will have the ability to think clearly and articulate themselves in a composed manner while interacting with other high-level executives working towards strategic goals.

The Director of Purchasing and Fleet will be responsible for shaping the future of Purchasing and Fleet Services at the County of Riverside by being a champion of change management. They will cultivate a "Customer Service First" environment while executing on the vision of the Executive Office and Board of Supervisors. Our desired candidate will have strong leadership skills and understand how to build and maintain positive relationships while approaching their daily tasks with poise, humility, and political savvy.

Candidates with a background in county government or other public agencies are highly encouraged to apply. The County is looking for a candidate with successful experience as an Executive Leader in a service delivery organization.


• Build a customer service driven team, one that values collaboration, flexibility, and a strong culture.

• Plan, organize, and direct policies and procedures for County Purchasing and Fleet Services.

• Negotiate equipment rentals, contracts, and the sale or exchange of materials, supplies, and equipment declared as surplus.

• Initiate, negotiate, and participate in cooperative purchasing agreements with other governmental agencies.

• Negotiate the purchase of motor vehicles, annual contracts, and other major budget items.

• In consultation with County departments, establish standards of type, design, quality, and brand of County purchases.

• Establish, develop, and maintain effective relations with manufacturers and suppliers; cooperate and work with County departments, school districts, special districts, and participating agencies to promote standardization of supplies and equipment.

• Review and resolve controversial awards, contract awards, and awards made to other than low bidder involving expenditures exceeding a designated amount.

• Act as an advisor to governmental agencies within the County regarding purchasing methods.

• Direct the selection, orientation, placement, and discipline of personnel in the department.

• Direct the preparation and administration of budgets.

• Establish and advise on County policy and procedures related to Purchasing and Fleet Services; serve on a variety of committees and subcommittees related to County procedures and projects.


Education: Possession of a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university, preferably with major coursework in purchasing, contracts management, business administration, finance, marketing, economics, or consumer science. Possession of one or more of the following certifications: Certified Public Purchasing Officer (CPPO), Certified Purchasing Manager (CPM) or Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM) by the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) is desired.

Experience: Six years of Executive Leadership experience demonstrating successful organizational change management, team effectiveness and overall operational administration including finance and budget.

Knowledge of: Principles of purchasing and contracting, practices of administration, personnel management, budget planning and control, and program planning and evaluation; basic sources of supply, marketing, shipping, pricing methods and differentials.

Ability to:

• Generate and evaluate alternatives, analyze data, reach logical conclusions, formulate recommendations, and institute effective changes.

• Establish and maintain effective working relationships with public officials, subordinates, public, and staff members of other agencies.

• Speak and write effectively; prepare and present clear and comprehensive reports; design and implement new procedures and evaluation techniques for technical and administrative operations.

• Formulate program policies and identify needs; analyze fiscal and administrative problems and determine appropriate actions.

• Effectively manage a large staff through subordinate supervisors; read and interpret specifications, rules, and regulations; deal tactfully and effectively with others.

• Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate a program of centralized services including purchasing, printing, surplus services, and central mail; collect, organize, and evaluate product or service information, identify alternative solutions, and project consequences of decisions and recommendations.

• Evaluate costs for services and supplies and initiate actions to provide cost effective measures and procedures.


This class has been designated At-Will by the Board of Supervisors, in accordance with the provisions provided under Article 6, Section 601E (1) of the County Management Resolution and serves at the pleasure of the Board of Supervisors.

This class has been deemed eligible for the Performance Recognition Plan as set forth under Article 3, Section 311(A) of the County Management Resolution. Program eligibility requires employees to be in a leadership position, manage other employees or programs, and have significant influence on the achievement of organizational objectives.
What's Next:
This recruitment is open to all applicants. Qualified applicants may be considered for future vacancies throughout the department.

Applicants who are current County of Riverside employees and/or current employees of Purchasing and Fleet may be considered before other applicants depending on the volume of applications received.

Qualified applicants may be considered for future vacancies throughout the County.

Application Period:


Applications received prior to the closing date will be considered based on the information submitted. Changes or alterations cannot be accepted. No late applications will be permitted.

Include relevant work experience details on resume and/or application.

Applicants who fail to provide information demonstrating they possess the position requirements may not be considered further in the application process. A description of job duties directly copied from the job classification or job posting will not be considered.

Upload a copy of any license(s), official/unofficial transcript(s), degrees, and/or related employment documents to your NeoGov account. If your education was completed outside of the United States, you will need to provide a copy of your Foreign Education Equivalency evaluation from a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services ( NACES ) or Association of International Credential Evaluators, Inc. ( AICE ).

MEDICAL/DENTAL INSURANCE: A Flexible Benefit Credit is provided on a monthly basis as governed by the Management Resolution or applicable bargaining unit. Vision coverage is provided through Vision Service Plan (VSP) at no cost to employee or eligible dependents.

Note: Employees on assignment through the Temporary Assignment Program (TAP) receive different benefits. See the list here .
MISCELLANEOUS RETIREMENT: County of Riverside has three retirement Tiers through the California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS).

  • Tier I (Classic Member - Formula 3% @ 60): Applicable to current and former County of Riverside local miscellaneous employees hired prior to 08/24/2012 and did not withdraw CalPERS contributions. The employee contribution is eight (8%) percent.

  • Tier II (Classic Member - Formula 2% @ 60): Applicable to local miscellaneous employees 1) hired after 08/23/2012 through 12/31/2012; 2) Previously employed with another CalPERS contracting public agency or a reciprocal retirement system, with a break in service of less than six months between the separation date with the previous employer and the appointment date with the County of Riverside. The employee contribution is seven (7%) percent.

  • Tier III (PEPRA New Member - Formula 2% @ 62): Applicable to CalPERS local miscellaneous new members hired on or after the implementation of the Public Employees' Pension Reform Act of 2013 (PEPRA) which took effect January 1, 2013. As of July 1, 2020, the employee contribution is 7.25% and subject to change annually.

A new member is defined as any of the following:
  • A new hire who enters CalPERS membership for the first time on or after January 1, 2013, and who has no prior membership in any California Public Retirement System.
  • A new hire who enters CalPERS membership for the first time on or after January 1, 2013, and who was a member with another California Public Retirement System prior to that date, but who is not subject to reciprocity upon joining CalPERS.
  • A member who first established CalPERS membership prior to January 1, 2013, and who is rehired by a different CalPERS agency after a break in service of greater than six (6) months.

  • CalPERS refers to all members that do not fit within the definition of a new member as "classic members".

    Contribution rates are subject to change based on the County of Riverside annual actuarial valuation.


    This summary is for general information purposes only. Additional questions regarding retirement formulas can be sent to or by calling the Benefits Information Line at (951) 955-4981,
    Option 2.

    If you have prior service credit with another CalPERS agency or within agencies, please contact CalPERS at (888) 225-7377 to determine which retirement tier would be applicable to you. CalPERS is governed by the Public Employees' Retirement Law. The Retirement Law is complex and subject to change. If there's any conflict between this summary and the law, the law will prevail over this summary.
    DEFERRED COMPENSATION: Voluntary employee contribution with a choice between two 457 deferred compensation plan options.

    401(a) MONEY PURCHASE PLAN: County contribution of $50 per pay period towards choice between two 401(a) plan providers.

    ANNUAL LEAVE (Bi-Weekly Accrual):

    0 < 36 months = 8.92 Hours
    36 to <108>108 or more months = 12.00 Hours

    Maximum Annual Leave accumulation is 1,800 hours. Employee may receive pay in lieu of up to 80 hours per calendar year. Agency/Department Head may approve an additional 80 hours.

    ANNUAL LEAVE for Unrepresented Management Attorneys: Effective July 12, 2012, the specific affected Unrepresented Management Attorney classifications as stated in Article 22 of the Management Resolution will receive an additional 4 hours per pay period to their Annual Leave accrual. This additional leave accrual will expire at the end of the last pay period in June 2014. In addition, the maximum accrual for Annual Leave (or vacation) will be raised by 200 hours for eligible employees only. Maximum Annual Leave accumulation is 2,000 hours.

    HOLIDAYS: Normally 12 paid holidays per year.

    BEREAVEMENT LEAVE: 5 days (3 days are County paid; 2 days can be taken through use of accrued leave balances).

    BASIC LIFE INSURANCE: $50,000 of term life coverage. Premiums are paid by the County. Additional Supplemental Life plan is available for employee purchase.

    LONG-TERM DISABILITY (LTD): Benefit pays 66.67% of earnings to a maximum of $10,000 per month; 30-day waiting period; pays to age 65. Benefit can be coordinated with other available leave balances to provide up to 100% of pay.

    POST RETIREMENT MEDICAL CONTRIBUTION: A monthly contribution is made by the County towards retiree health insurance offered through the County as governed by the Management Resolution or applicable bargaining unit.

    OTHER: There may be other benefit provisions as specified in the applicable Memorandum of Understanding, Management Resolution, or Salary Ordinance. Please contact the recruiter listed on the job posting directly for more information.

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