Coordinator, Internships & Experiential Learning at Rhodes State College

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Location: Lima, Ohio

Job Description:

Summary of Duties

The Coordinator, Internships and Experiential Learning is responsible for assisting students with understanding the internship process, requirements, timelines, roles of all involved in the process, and with finding internship employer leads for students who have not secured their own required internship. In concert with the Career Development Office, this Coordinator is responsible for assisting Enrollment Management and all Academic faculty and staff with understanding the internship process, requirements, timelines, and all stakeholders' roles in that process. The Coordinator will keep metrics on College-wide internship and experiential learning data to track workforce trends. Internship experience feedback from students, employers, and faculty will guide the coordinator into continuous process improvements. In concert with Workforce Development and Innovation (WDI) and Academic staff, the coordinator will develop new and maintain existing employer relationships with business and industry in the service area for internship and experiential learning opportunities.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Work with students who need an internship opportunity to connect them with business and industry partners with open positions. Evaluate students' career development needs (e.g., resume review and interview skills) with referral to the Career Development Office, when necessary.

  • Educate students regarding the internship process and experiential learning requirements for their respective program.

  • Maintain relationships with current business and industry partners and develop relationships with new employers, to expand the internship and experiential learning employer network. Track business and industry partner relationships related to internships and experiential learning opportunities.

  • Research and maintain knowledge of industries, workforce, and industry trends for the purpose of engaging the local/regional business community to participate in hiring our students for internship opportunities.

  • Assist staff and faculty in the internship process, requirements, and their role.

  • Prepare reports related to College-wide metrics related to internships and experiential learning.

  • Utilize college-based databases, programs and spreadsheets for tracking, reporting, and trend analysis purposes. Support online internship and career office management software system; assist in the implementation of system improvements, changes, and upgrades; assist job seekers and employers in the registration of accounts and overall system use; and ensure all bulletin board announcements in the system are up-to-date.

  • Participate in on-campus and off-campus meetings and marketing projects for the promotion of the Internship and Experiential Learning program. Plan, coordinate and implement Internship programs/events; schedule facilities, order supplies, manage preparation and distribution of invitations, track confirmations/registrations and measure outcomes.

  • Maintain, improve, and create new initiatives to enhance and improve the internship experience of students, employers, and faculty.

  • Maintain all records in compliance with the Rhodes State College Records Retention Policy.

  • Perform other duties as assigned.
  • Experience, Skills & Abilities


  • Positively interact and communicate in writing and verbally with students, faculty, staff and external stakeholders.

  • Appreciation for and understanding of the two-year college mission.
  • Preferred:

    • Previous experience working with education and particularly with a community college.

    • Business and industry employer relations experience is strongly preferred.

    Education & Certifications

    Bachelor's Degree Required