Team Leader 2 at Boral

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Location: Dallas, Texas

Job Description:


The Team Leader 2 will be responsible for backup for the production supervisor when necessary. They will lead training for Team Leader 1 position and production line employees. This position coordinates and oversee the work activities of the production line crew, ensuring that safety rules are followed, work assignments and personnel rotations are appropriate for current workload and product profiles.


  • Comply with Boral Safety Policies and Procedures

  • Working in tandem with Plant Quality personnel, monitors the quality of the windows/glass/frames being produced by checking all physical properties (including but not limited to material type, shape, and consistency) on a systematic basis--and properly documents all measurements

  • Monitors production machinery and equipment for optimal production performance/output, according to established standards. Performs and/or recommends machinery adjustments; requests assistance from maintenance personnel when necessary to ensure that quality levels are maintained

  • Assists Line Supervision in gathering data for and preparing production reports. Monitors production schedules and labor assignments to ensure smooth production line operations

  • Monitors and enforces all safety, quality and environmental rules and procedures. Takes corrective action as needed whenever deviations from established rules and standards occur. Immediately reports to Plant Supervision all matters requiring the attention of Plant Management

  • Observes safety lock-out/tag-out procedures and provides training to production line personnel as required

  • Ensures that plant housekeeping is maintained in all areas in a clean and orderly fashion

  • Provides relief and/or replaces personnel in all production line positions (Processor, Glazer, Sawyer, Forklift Driver, Welder, Glass Dropper/Sorter/Cutter/Handler, Puller, Topper, Dealer, Muntins, Corner Seal, Argon, Screen Sorter or Loader) whenever required

  • Follow up and ensure completion on any corrections and adjustments identified during inspections

  • Teams with Team Leader 1 and Production Supervision to identify and support cross-training and other development opportunities for all plant personnel. Observes and Monitors performance of production line employees on an on-going basis and assists Line Supervisor in developing performance evaluations for production line employees

  • Supports Production Supervision with department meetings by communicating announcements and the assigned work schedule for all employees

  • Oversees department when Production Supervision is absent

  • Assists Production Supervision in monitoring absenteeism, daily headcount, and time-off requests

  • Ensures "Hot" orders are on schedule by prioritizing employees' main activities to meet production goals

  • Reviews and verifies windows/frames/glass measurements to comply with production schedule and order requirements

  • Assists Production Supervision by interviewing new candidates

  • Supports Production Supervision in coordinating corrective actions that need to be applied to employees who are not in compliance with Boral Policies

  • Oversees training processes with Team Lead 1

  • Assists Production Supervision with timekeeping

  • All other duties as requested or assigned by Line Supervisor

  • Regular attendance, timeliness and scheduling flexibility