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Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Job Description:

Practice Assistant for Advanced Heart Disease Responsibilities
•Advanced Heart Disease / Heart Failure
oArranging new heart failure patient appointments and testing
oCoordinating follow up appointments and follow up testing
oObtaining prior authorizations for future testing
oPrioritizing phone calls and messages via in-basket and/or outlook based on urgency
oArranging new patient appointments for new cardiac genetic patients and arranging relevant testing prior to appointment
oRescheduling clinics to alternate dates based on provider availability
oConversing with HF RN's, NP's, and MD's to work through any pertinent issues or complications
oWorking with AHD administrative assistants to schedule patients when appropriate
oAnswering patient messages / phone calls relevant to scheduling and forwarding to medical provider if clinical
oVerifying that patient's insurances are accepted at BWH
If so, proceeding with scheduling
If not, working with insurance company to obtain authorization for out of network visits
oContacting patients from a list of E-Referrals from other departments, determining which provider is appropriate for them to see, what prior testing is needed if any, and assigning the E-Referral to the appointment for insurance purposes
oArranging post discharge follow up appointments with HF nurse practitioners within 7-10 days of discharge, contacting patients regarding appointments by phone or letter for confirmation
oReaching out to supplemental departments to schedule patients for testing or consults with other specialties
oCoordinating office visits with other appointments such as other departments, other facilities in the area, testing...etc.
oRequesting records including paper records as well as imaging discs in particular format be sent to me for physician review
oArranging heart failure admissions for patients through our admitting department for heart failure management, transplant eval, etc.
Coordinating with other outpatient appointments
Contacting the patient to confirm their admission date, LOS, location, what they can bring with them, helpful contact information
oInforming patient of any preparation instructions prior to outpatient testing

oScheduling VAD patients with Lara Coakley, NP for follow up
oScheduling VAD patients with 'LVAD MD' (rotating provider list) when specified
oScheduling VAD patients for RN visits with VAD RN's for controller upgrades, teachings etc.
oCommunicating with LVAD team consisting of doctors, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses to work through any issues/complications with scheduling
oContacting patients regarding appointments for confirmation
oRescheduling patients when needed and contacting them regarding the change of appointment
oAnswering phone calls from VAD patients and triaging whether it is a scheduling matter or something more clinical needing to be taken care of by RN, NP, or MD
oRecognizing and cancelling VAD appointments when necessary i.e. if/when patient is bridge to transplant

•Cardiac Transplant
oCoordinating post-transplant patients for a series of testing, procedures, and office visits on specified future dates set by transplant team once notified patient has been transplanted
oWorking with co-worker to ensure transplant patients' insurance authorizations are up to date and valid
oReceiving outside referrals for transplant patients to transfer care to BWH. Forwarding requests to physicians for review.
If physician has approved transfer of care - reaching out to the patient to move forward with scheduling them for a consult
oRequesting transplant records and imaging be sent here for physician review
oScheduling and ordering (left) right heart catheterizations and cardiac biopsies for patients when needed
Conversing with the catheterization lab staff to ensure caths are scheduled appropriately
Using the rotating attending list when cosigning orders
oScreening patients for anticoagulants when order catheterizations
If patients are on anticoags - looking into shared CTRANS document to obtain anticoag instructions pre and post cath
If patients are not on shared document, reaching out to HF nursing team and physicians to advise what anticoag instructions are
oSending letters to patients with appointment information with instructions on where they are going what to expect once here, helpful contact information if any questions are to come up
oIdentifying patients who require femoral (groin) access for catheterizations and scheduling them appropriately with the cath lab as well as with their other outpatient testing
Answering phone calls and messages from transplant patients, identifying if it is an urgent or clinical matter, assist if possible, and if not, forwarding to nurse and / or physician to further assist


Level of education required:
Associate/bachelor's degree preferred but not required
Minimum of a high school diploma or GED.

Work experience required:
Minimum three years medical office or administrative support experience required.
High Organizational skills
High Customer Service Skills
Some additional training in office systems or other post high school education preferred.

EEO Statement

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