Sailpoint Production Support at Cognizant

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Type: Full-Time
Location: Moorestown, New Jersey

Job Description:

Security Specialist with Sail point CA IDM knowledge and ITIL Methodologies for Support L2 and L3 lead at Onsite Sailpoint background desired


Requirements Gathering, Coding Install and configure, Identity and access management product admin and client components

Install data repository product LDAP and configure replication

Create or update DIT (directory information tree) object class schema definition and indexes

Create or update attribute configuration, search base configuration

Attribute access control (AAC) filter Configure policies,process,workflows within the tool inline with the identify and access requirements of the customer

Develop custom components, connectors using languages such as java, NET for custom requirements

Raise clarifications issues concerns regarding work output to the lead on time seek review from peer

Senior Developer periodically rework on the code based on code review defects raised in unit testing

ADDITIONAL DETAILS Domain Skills Identity and Access Management Identity Governance

Technical Skills

SNo Primary Skill Proficiency Level * Rqrd./Dsrd.
1 Sailpoint IdentityNow PL3 Required
2 Sailpoint IdentityIQ PL3 Required


Domain Skills

SNo Primary Skill Proficiency Level * Rqrd./Dsrd.
1 NPD/NPI NA Required
2 Identity and Access Management PL4 Required


* Proficiency Legends

Proficiency Level Generic Reference
PL1 The associate has basic awareness and comprehension of the skill and is in the process of acquiring this skill through various channels.
PL2 The associate possesses working knowledge of the skill, and can actively and independently apply this skill in engagements and projects.
PL3 The associate has comprehensive, in-depth and specialized knowledge of the skill. She / he has extensively demonstrated successful application of the skill in engagements or projects.
PL4 The associate can function as a subject matter expert for this skill. The associate is capable of analyzing, evaluating and synthesizing solutions using the skill.