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Sterling Commerce Consultant at Cognizant

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Type: Full-Time
Location: Dallas, Texas

Job Description:

·          Ability to understand business requirements and map them into Sterling product.

·         Own the design and delivery of modules

·         Work with the offshore team and facilitate the design and build of the modules they are 

          responsible for.

·         Build, unit test and review code and configuration


Eligibility Requirements


Has a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering with specialization in Computer Science/Electrical and Electronics/Information Technology

Should have more than 5 years of total Sterling OMS experience, and overall 10+ years.

Understand and have an Ability to:

·         Configure the system parameters to get the designed flow behavior

·         Ability to understand the functional document given by the functional consultant and design the product extensions, and configurations

Ability to prepare the HLD and LLD for the customizations required by the solution

Technical Lead



Science / Engineering Graduate



Requirement Gathering:

• Participate in requirement gathering JAD sessions and support documentation where applicable (business, functional, UI, usability, data, compliance, data migration, NFR, 3rd party tools & products).

• Raise queries and get query resolution on areas which are unclear, ambiguous and which need more information to the Technology Lead.


Resource/ Efforts Estimation and Monitoring:

• Understand how the estimation (effort, size etc) is done at task level in the area of work concerned, measure and report the actual effort against the estimated effort and ensure task progress reporting in C20 or any other applicable tool.


Design & Analysis:

• Create the HL Design and detailed design document with the support of architects for the assigned scope.

• Review all deliverables created by the Developer.

• Study non functional requirements and design for NFR as required.

• Understand the interdependencies of the various components in work packages being developed.

• Create detailed design and assign to developer.

• provide input to the Project Manager / Technical Lead to create the project plan from a technical perspective.

• support development of proof of concept as designed by Designer / Solution Architect.

• initiate development environment setup.

• Provide demo to customer for early feedback.

• create quality check points for all deliverables.



• Develop tier coding, business layer coding, interface development, service development, creation of stored procedures, etc as applicable for the work package / project.

• CTS and customer spectific coding coding standards, guidelines and best practices.

• Understand the database concepts and write efficient queries.

• raise clarifications / issues / concerns regarding work output to the lead.

• Seek review from peer / technical lead periodically.

• participate in setup activities for required environment setup.

• deploy code build in testing environment.

• conduct peer review during design, coding and testing.

• Complete documentation as per the scope.

• prepare guidelines and checklist for development and testing activities.

• Provide feedback to design team.

• share feedback with developers to check if code is as per requirements.

• Incorporate changes as per feedback.

• provide necessary and timely status updates to the Supervisor / Technical Lead.

• Highlight any potential risks to the leads.

• Update traceability matrix for the work package developed.

• mentor the Developers to help them solve technical difficulties in the course of coding.

• Follow the SCM policies set for project.

• raise clarifications / issues / concerns regarding work output to the lead on time.

• provide necessary and timely status updates to the Supervisor / Technical Lead.

• Proactively highlight any potential risks to the lead.

• provide support on process audit activities.

• adhere to process and tools (usage of cognizant 20, awareness of Quality Management System).



• Develop comprehensive unit testing cases and unit test plans.

• conduct comprehensive unit testing.

• create unit test logs.

• Prepare and support in preparation of unit test strategy.

• plan document and data requirements.

• automate unit testing and contribute to automation of unit testing.

• Conduct peer review of unit test cases.

• perform developer integration testing by integrating the components.

• Review test cases as prepared by the Developer.


Defect Management:

• Participate in defect triage meetings.

• conduct RCA for defects identified.

• Rework on the code based on review comments from code review / defects raised in unit testing, peer testing, SIT, UAT testing or any other relevant testing phases.

• Assist in transition of knowledge and to support organization with any defects raised post production as required.


Process Improvements and Adherence:

• Participate in innovation sessions.

• implement process improvements to reduce manual intervention (eg automation).

• support on process audit activities.

• Generate ideas to provide valueadd and share the same with the Technical Lead.

• Adhere to process and tools (usage of cognizant 20, awareness of Quality Management System, IDE etc).


Knowledge Management:

• Contribute towards updating knowledge assets, user manual, online help document, installation manual / scripts.

• Conduct knowledge transfer sessions for new joiners in the project team.

• conduct training through academy (if approved).

• Guide and mentor team junior members from a technical perspective to ensure quality delivery of the components.

• contribute / search / reuse all types of assets from repository.


People Management:

• Engage with team.

• resolve / conflict management within team.

• conduct internal trainings for developers within team.


Technical Skills

Additional Skills

SNo Primary Skill Proficiency Level * Rqrd./Dsrd.
1 Sterling-Store Order Mgmt NA Required
2 Advance Order management NA Desired



Functional Skills

SNo Functional Competency Functional Skills Proficiency Level *
1 Technology Concepts NA
2 Design Pattern-Tools & Princ. ETL Concepts and Principles NA
3 Design Pattern-Tools & Princ. BI and OLAP concepts & Princ. NA
4 Design Pattern-Tools & Princ. Datawarehousing Concepts NA
5 Design Pattern-Tools & Princ. Software Design Concepts NA
6 Software Development Processes Product Lifecycle Management NA
7 Software Development Processes SDLC Details NA
8 Software Development Processes SDLC Overview NA
9 Estimation & Resource Planning PBI estimation NA
10 Estimation & Resource Planning Estimation in Agile NA
11 Estimation & Resource Planning Activity Sequencing NA
12 Estimation & Resource Planning Activity Definition NA
13 Estimation & Resource Planning Resourcing NA
14 Estimation & Resource Planning Scheduling NA
15 Estimation & Resource Planning Estimation NA
16 Estimation & Resource Planning Resource Planning NA
17 Domain-Industry Knowledge NA
18 Test & Defect Management Test Defect Management Metric NA
19 Test & Defect Management Defect Reports NA
20 Test & Defect Management Defect Analysis NA
21 Test & Defect Management High Maturity Processes NA
22 Test & Defect Management Test Execution NA
23 Test & Defect Management Test Design NA
24 Test & Defect Management Testing Process NA
25 Test & Defect Management Test Strategizing NA
26 Test & Defect Management Defect Life Cycle Process NA
27 Test & Defect Management Test planning NA
28 Test & Defect Management Defect Prevention NA
29 Release Mgmt-ProcessTool&Tech CM Tools & Techniques NA
30 Configuration Management CM Tools & Techniques NA
31 Knowledge Management Planning Knowledge Management NA
32 Knowledge Management Knowledge Mgmt Process & Tools NA
33 Requirements Management Strategy Analysis NA
34 Requirements Management Requirement Management Tools NA
35 Requirements Management Reqm-Business Case Analysis NA
36 Requirements Management Requirements Understanding NA
37 Requirements Management Requirement Analysis NA
38 Requirements Management Scope Verification NA
39 Requirements Management Scope Definition NA
40 Requirements Management Scope Control NA
41 Requirements Management Requirements Verification NA
42 Requirements Management Requirements Modeling NA
43 Requirements Management Change Readiness Assessment NA
44 Requirements Management Capability Analysis NA
45 Requirements Management Requirements Elicitation NA
46 Project Management T&M to MS Framework NA
47 Project Management Risk Identification & Trckg NA
48 Project Management Program Contract Management NA
49 Project Management Business Case Preparation NA
50 Project Management PM Tools NA
51 Project Management Initiation NA
52 Project Management Account & Project Management NA
53 Project Management Planing-Business Case Analysis NA
54 Project Management Planning Knowledge Management NA
55 Project Management Test Defect Management Metric NA
56 Project Management Agile Tools NA
57 Project Management Solution Analysis NA
58 Project Management Operations & Process Mgmt NA
59 Project Management High Maturity Processes NA
60 Project Management Knowledge Mgmt Process & Tools NA
61 Project Management CM Tools & Techniques NA
62 Project Management Value-adds & Best practices NA
63 Project Management Pricing types NA
64 Project Management Planning Process NA
65 Project Management Financial Planning NA
66 Project Management Stakeholder communication NA
67 Project Management Stakeholder Identification NA
68 Project Management Scope Definition NA
69 Project Management Risk Response NA
70 Project Management Risk Reassessment NA
71 Project Management Risk Planning NA
72 Project Management Quantitative Risk Analysis NA
73 Project Management Qualitative Risk Analysis NA
74 Project Management Development methodologies NA
75 Project Management Delivery Excellence NA
76 Project Management Cost Control NA
77 Project Management Activity Sequencing NA
78 Project Management Activity Definition NA
79 Project Management Project Closure NA
80 Project Management Application Lifecycle Mgmt NA
81 Project Management Resourcing NA
82 Project Management Lean Six Sigma NA
83 Project Management Scheduling NA
84 Project Management Financial management NA
85 Project Management Account Management NA
86 Project Management Project Execution & Control NA
87 Project Management Estimation NA
88 Project Management Quality Management NA
89 Project Management Resource Planning NA
90 Project Management Procurement Management NA


Behavioral Skills

SNo Primary Skill Proficiency Level *
1 Build Collaborative Relations NA
2 Execution Excellence NA
3 Managing Change NA
4 Client Focus NA
5 Effective Communication NA


* Proficiency Legends

Proficiency Level Generic Reference
PL1 The associate has basic awareness and comprehension of the skill and is in the process of acquiring this skill through various channels.
PL2 The associate possesses working knowledge of the skill, and can actively and independently apply this skill in engagements and projects.
PL3 The associate has comprehensive, in-depth and specialized knowledge of the skill. She / he has extensively demonstrated successful application of the skill in engagements or projects.
PL4 The associate can function as a subject matter expert for this skill. The associate is capable of analyzing, evaluating and synthesizing solutions using the skill.