Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)


The FBI is an intelligence-driven national security and law enforcement agency. Our mission is to protect the American people and uphold the Constitution of the United States by providing investigative expertise, intelligence, resources and training to domestic and international agencies and partners.

Our mission is simple, but our work is complex. We have a diverse culture of employees that make us one family — OneFBI.

At the FBI, we recognize the value, dedication and commitment of servicemen and women and strongly encourage former military personnel to continue their service to their country by joining our team. We seek individuals whose experience, leadership skills, integrity, sense of teamwork and dedication mirror the traits of our more than 36,000 employees

Servicemen and women who join the FBI have an opportunity to work in one of our many disciplines, from Special Agents and Intelligence Analysts to Forensic Accountants and Language Specialists, in addition to many other professional capacities that meet their interests and experiences. To further explore our military veteran hire policies, visit https://www.fbijobs.gov/veterans.

Many FBI career options are traditional to the investigative and intelligence community; others are similar to careers found in most Fortune 500 companies. We seek those who will contribute to the operations of a global organization that aligns people, policies, processes and systems to ensure the highest-quality investigations. For detailed information about career disciplines within the FBI, visit https://fbijobs.gov/career-paths.

For the official source of information about the FBI and details about joining our team, please visit FBIjobs.gov.






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