Why Successful Small Businesses Hire Veterans

The above picture is of a soldier sitting in his camouflage uniform in front of a flag.

As a small business owner, you look for certain essential skills and qualities in employees. These typically include a strong work ethic and the ability to be a good team player. Military veterans exemplify these attributes and thrive in almost every industry. That’s why more than 80% of small businesses value veteran employees. Small business owners benefit from supporting vets by providing them with jobs to transition back into civilian life. Job Openings for disABLED veterans is the best place to tap into this valuable talent pool.

Harness Unique Skills and Abilities

Veterans have several skills and characteristics your small business needs. They make highly dedicated employees and have a strong work ethic. Their time in the military has taught them to be organized and reliable team players. Vets are exceptional candidates for roles that require them to lead a team or oversee a project.

As employees, vets have proven to be valuable assets for small businesses thanks to their unique skills. They’re capable of handling highly stressful situations because they were required to perform exceptionally well in tough situations while they were in the service. Moreover, having worked in fast-paced, volatile situations, vets are skilled in communicating effectively with their colleagues, especially in complicated circumstances.

Benefit From Versatility and Nurture Success

Veterans are highly adaptable. They can excel in a wide variety of jobs because they can apply their military skills to civilian jobs. So while a vet whose military specialty code was health care can transition into civilian health care, they can also do well in an IT role, for example, as long as they’ve acquired the relevant additional skills. Vets can also function successfully as financial advisers, information security analysts, management analysts, and more.

When you hire vets, you need to find meaningful and appropriate ways to recognize their contributions and show appreciation for them as you would your other employees. Keep in mind that their career history differs greatly from ordinary workers, so learn what’s important to them and what forms of recognition they’re comfortable with.

Earn Tax Benefits

Another advantage to hiring veterans is the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), which can benefit both you and the vets you hire. You can earn up to $9,600 of WOTC for each vet. To qualify for this tax credit, submit an application to your state workforce agency for every vet you hire. The WOTC can offset some of your business’s staffing costs.

Create a DBA Name

In addition to hiring veterans, file a DBA (doing business as) name when you start your business. In case you need to sell products or services under a different name, you can use your DBA. Moreover, if the website domain for your first choice of a business name is taken, you can register a domain name using your DBA and use that domain to market your products.

A Win-Win for Small Business Owners and Vets

As a small business owner, you stand to benefit greatly from hiring veterans. In addition to gaining from their various skills and adaptability, you're also eligible for tax credits that can offset your staffing costs. 

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