Show Me the Money: 9 High Paying Jobs for Veterans

Are you a veteran looking for a high paying job? For many, this is a difficult feat to manage. It shouldn't have to be though.

You've gained several admirable and useful skills during your time serving the country. There are many jobs where you can show off these skills and excel. It's nothing short of what you deserve. You performed a great service, you shouldn't have to struggle to get by.

If you're not sure what jobs are out there need you, or how you can apply your skills, we've got you covered. Here are 10 high paying jobs for veterans like you.

1. IT Program Manager

Most commanding officers make it a requirement for you to learn the skills of the person above them. It's actually a really great strategy. It ensures that if something happens to that person someone else can easily step up to the plate.

This is the same way an IT Programming Manager position will work. You'll be responsible for learning the jobs of every person on your team, that way when someone calls out sick or some other unfortunate event happens, you can take over for them until they come back or you find a replacement.

2. IT Project Manager

If you have experience with commanding a unit then an IT product manager job is kind of like that. You'll be responsible for making sure everyone on your team stays on task.

Another factor to this job is that it takes someone with organizational skills. It's because so many pieces of technology have to fall in place to make sure projects are a success. This is another skill that you most likely picked up during your service.

3. Business Development Manager

Being a business development manager is a great high paying job for veterans. You'll need leadership skills and know how to strategize. Again, if you were put in charge of a unit, you'll be able to lead a crew.

You're most likely familiar with strategizing for military operations and business thrives from that. Help the business grow, and gain the trust of your crew to lead things flawlessly.

4. Intelligence Analyst

Do you still feel a calling to help out your country even after your military service? Then you might find happiness as an intelligence analyst.

You'll be working closely with the FBI to protect America's national security. You'll be responsible for reading and listening to all information gathered in field offices to check for any sort of threats.

Being in the military you'll have the eye for detail that this job will require of you, not to mention a strong sense of duty and caution.

5. Electronical Engineer

If while in the military you were in charge of developing weapons, improving navigation systems, or creating test standards for electrical systems then you'll do great as an electrical engineer.

There will be several places for you to find work like firms, government agencies, or in public utilities. There are plenty of options in this job field for you to find work and thrive.

6. Vice President, Technology

It's very true that the military sees a lot of technology before anyone else gets a chance to. This means if anyone can keep up with changes in technology for a company, it's you.

Not only will you have to keep up with these changes, but leading people is also a huge part of the position. Having both of these will make you a huge asset to any technology company. The job title doesn't sound too shabby on a resume either.

7. Chief Information Security Officer

As technology evolves so does those who want to steal confidential information and data. Your job will be to lead an advanced team to protect company data from any of these leaches.

It doesn't end with you leading the team, you'll also have to come up with strategies to combat cyber warfare. It's for these reasons that this is one of the best jobs for veterans. Companies are highly likely to hire a veteran for this position over a regular civilian.

8. Software Developer

Software is a very complicated mistress. When one thing falls apart chances are several other things will as well. There is a lot of trial and error in software development.

This is why companies need someone with exceedingly amazing problem-solving skills. If you've got this, plus strong math skills, and a deep understanding of computers, you'll have this job in the bag.

9. Pilot

If you were a military pilot, why not continue with this job once you've finished your service? That is if you enjoyed your time being a pilot. As you rank up in the military the time you spend in the air lessens but with this job, you'll literally spend most of your time there.

If that sounds appealing to you, then go ahead and transfer your military flight certification into an FAA and get ready to take off!

The Top High Paying Jobs for Veterans

There are plenty of high paying jobs for veterans, you just have to be aware of what skills you have and put yourself out there. Veterans make great managers, leaders, are handy with technology, and are amazing strategists. Any company would be crazy not to hire you!

Applying for jobs are one thing, but interviews are another beast entirely. Visit our blog for common interview questions, how to answer them, and other helpful tips you'll need to ace it.