10 Industries that Offer the Best Jobs for Veterans

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As of 2017, there were 18.8 million veterans in the United States.

At any one time, tens of thousands of veterans join civilian employment with many of them doing so for the very first time. Although the transition might be a bit tricky, choosing a job that closely matches your military experience can make your work search easier.

If you've retired from the military recently and are looking for a civilian career that best fits your training and skills, you're probably wondering what the best jobs for veterans are.

In this piece, we've identified 10 industries with amazing career opportunities for veterans, based on their skills and experience.

Here are our top 10 industries offering the best jobs for veterans.

Law Enforcement

This is hardly a surprise as most law enforcement positions are a good fit for veterans of today. Since police and military work have the same organizational structure, law enforcement can be ideal for veterans.

In addition, law enforcement positions are often similar to those of the military. From detectives to dog handlers, many service members already have got much of the training required to work in the police force.

There are already lots of veterans working in law enforcement, so it's easy to find groups of people with shared experiences.


The aerospace industry values the leadership, management, and military experience of veterans. Top aerospace companies hiring veterans include Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Northrup Grumman.

Veterans find work within the aerospace industry as mechanical and aerospace engineers.

Skilled Trade

Skilled trade jobs in the military include civil engineering construction, HVAC, and plumbing. These have a great demand in the civilian workplace.

But veterans may need to add continuing education or certifications in order to be hired as civilian employees.


Healthcare offers many career options for veterans because it taps into the various skills they acquired in the military. These include the ability to interact with people well and think fast.

Healthcare is a particularly sound option for individuals who worked as medics in the military.

Some leading healthcare jobs for veterans include:

  • Pharmacist
  • Phlebotomist
  • Medical assistant
  • Nurse practitioner
  • LPN


Government jobs are ideal for ex-service members as they basically follow the same organizational structure as the military. In addition, government roles span various departments and agencies--including civilian positions in the army, air force, marine, coast guard, and navy.

Indeed, the government also has positions for individuals interested in the technology and law enforcement industries.

Veterans will also be pleased to hear that their experience in the military can earn then promotions in their specific careers.

And perhaps the best news of all: Veterans and their spouses get preference for all job openings in the government.

Food and Beverage

This industry is another with lots of opportunities, and it attracts many veterans who want to grow and further their profession.

In fact, 19 percent of veterans working in the food and beverage industry are in management--compared with just 10 percent of non-veterans employed in the industry.

Top jobs for veterans in the food and beverage industry include:

  • Dishwasher
  • Server
  • Executive chef
  • Bartender
  • Restaurant manager


The business industry and military work have one key thing in common: the team spirit that spurs members to work towards a common goal. Veterans will realize this when forming their own companies or taking an entry-level position in a big company.

Military friendly companies in this industry also cherish the skills veterans have. From leadership and teamwork to organization and discipline, these skills make veterans perfect for many business careers.

Some of the best jobs for veterans in the business industry include:

  • Administrative assistant
  • Brand ambassador
  • Business analyst
  • Call center representative
  • Pharmaceutical sales representative

Weapons and Security

Many veterans have skills directly associated with the world of weapons and security. This makes them a perfect fit for security firms.

In this industry, veterans serve in roles that vary from intelligence analysts and management consultants to senior leaders and software developers.

Strong leadership and familiarity with weapon use and national security make veterans attractive in this industry.


Many veterans may not know that they are the perfect fit for tech--the fastest growing industry in the country.

With the recent technology boom across all big cities, employers are looking to recruit the right employees for their companies. And they're not just looking for the next programming wizard--they want team players who can keep time and make the right decisions without supervision.

Contrary to popular opinion, most technology firms aren't that keen on hiring 'rock stars'. Instead, they prefer calm and disciplined people who can get a grip on themselves during stressful times.

It's no surprise then that top companies that hire veterans in this industry include Hewlett Packard, Dell, and Amazon.

For today's veterans, this industry offers a good career that requires a flexible, never-say-die attitude. This is something familiar to soldiers, marines, sailors, and airmen.

And considering that most tech jobs offer six-figure salaries, this industry should be a great choice for veterans.


The automotive field is rewarding for veterans with experience in fixing different equipment and vehicles in the military.

Even for those without the experience, it can be a good idea to explore opportunities in the automotive industry. This is because roles in this industry rely on the ability to follow directions, work under pressure, and solve problems.

Some great jobs for veterans in the automotive industry include:

  • Auto mechanic
  • Diesel mechanic
  • Heavy equipment mechanic
  • Automotive parts manager
  • Automotive sales manager

Final Thoughts on the Best Jobs for Veterans

The best jobs for veterans largely depend on their interests, positions held in the military, and experience.

Some veterans opt to go back to school and pursue careers in industries that are very different from the ones they had in the military.

If you're a disabled veteran and are looking to transition into civilian employment, make sure to visit our blog. We've got lots of job opportunities, so browse through our job listings, and post your resume too.

All the best in your job search!