Affirmative Action Checklist

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Keep this checklist handy for a quick review of your company’s affirmative action obligations for special disabled veterans and covered veterans.

  • Post your Affirmative Action Solutions for Disabled American Veterans in
    plain view where both employees and applicants can see it.
  • Formally notify unions in writing of your company’s commitment. Make
    sure to keep of copy of the union’s acknowledgement.
  • Include the affirmative action clause in all covered contracts.
  • Prepare the EEO policy statement.
  • Prepare an annual affirmative action program, you may be included with
    the Affirmative Action Plan for disabled individuals in the general
  • Prepare the annual VETS-100 Report, due September 30.
  • Appoint and identify in the Affirmative Action Plan the local disabled
    veteran and covered veterans coordinator.
  • Review the policy and Affirmative Action Plan with managers and
    supervisors; solicit their input.
  • List job openings with the “appropriate employment service delivery
    system”—state employment service office, one-stop service locations,
    workforce development office.
  • Establish contacts with local organizations that emphasize veterans’
  • List employees who self-identify as special disabled veterans or covered
    veterans. Here, you need to make sure that they meet the definition of
    covered employees under the law.
  • Review selection practices, including job descriptions, to ensure that
    special disabled veterans and covered veterans are not screened out.
  • Review personnel records to identify promotable veterans; determine if
    their present and potential skills are utilized and developed.

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