FBI Jobs

The above picture on the left side says “FBI Jobs”. On the right side is a picture of a man with a prosthetic left arm in a vest and tie sitting at a desk working.

The FBI is an intelligence-driven, national security and law enforcement agency. Our mission is to protect the American people and uphold the Constitution. We provide investigative expertise, intelligence, resources and training to domestic and international agencies and partners. Our mission is simple, but our work is complex. In fact, there’s a whole lot more to the FBI than you may realize.

For starters, we stay ahead of the next threat, in part, by relying on women and men who bring tenacity, dedication and curiosity to their work every day. We’re experts from all specialty areas but we’re also dedicated mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, colleagues, friends and peers. Every one of us is committed to making our nation a safer place for our families and communities.

Diversity and inclusion are fostered in every area of our organization, including leadership and career development, recruitment, staffing, workforce planning and sustainability. Honoring the unique perspectives of all individuals is our daily goal.

Our employees come from a wide range of career and education backgrounds and are proficient in a multitude of skills. But most of all, everyone brings a unique inner drive to explore new personal limits and abilities. Within any role at the FBI, you’ll find yourself growing stronger under pressure, facing problems head on and discovering who you really are and what you really can do. This is what it takes to respond to the nation’s biggest challenges imposed by terrorism, increasingly sophisticated criminal organizations, intelligence threats and rapid advances in technology.

We are made up of a diverse culture of more than 36,000 employees, including many military veterans, who work together to protect the United States from terrorism, espionage, cyberattacks and major criminal threats.

Our employees have it within themselves to channel their inner strengths, take chances, push beyond their limitations and, yes, disabilities, to prove to themselves and perhaps others that they have what it takes to fulfill the FBI mission.   

Military veterans embody the core values and experience we seek — leadership, integrity, teamwork, patriotism and dedication to the mission. We strongly encourage former military personnel to continue their service by joining our team. 

Depending on your particular skills, interests and training, the FBI offers many careers suitable for disabled veterans such as Security Specialist, IT Specialist, Victim Specialist, Forensic Accountant, Contract Specialist, Equipment Specialist, Program and Management Analyst and more.

Other FBI career paths that offer more than a private-sector position, include Robotic Equipment Technician, Facility Operations Specialist, Financial Management Analyst, Budget Analyst, Computer Scientist and Contract Linguist.

We also have established a noncompetitive appointing authority (similar to Schedule A) for persons with disabilities, including developmental disabilities, severe physical disabilities and/or psychiatric disabilities. Supporting documentation for consideration may include a certification of job readiness and proof of a qualifying disability issued from a licensed medical professional, vocational rehabilitation specialist or any federal or state agency.

For more information and our noncompetitive hiring policy for persons with disabilities, visit the FBI Jobs Diversity page.

If you have the dedication, determination and curiosity and love a good challenge – there are a number of FBI positions waiting for you without limitation. Now’s the time to apply your strong sense of curiosity to learn what an FBI career could mean for you. FBI career could mean for you. Visit  FBIJobs.gov